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Trader Joe’s Hours: Opening, Closing, Saturday, Holiday, 2022

Trader Joe’s grocery store is your go-to for all things food, from organic produce and fresh meat to unique baking goods. They are known across the world as a staple of modern cuisine with an ever expanding array of products available at any given time!

Trader Joe’s offers a variety of grocery options for all your needs. From fresh produce and meats, to frozen foods or canned goods – they’ve got it covered! You can even find some delicious specialty items like coffee beans in bulk bins with no Packages railing up space on refrigerators anymore; just pure joe straight from the source (so taxation free). As if that weren’t enough reason already why we love them so much here at The starving Student Guide Company !

Trader Joe’s is known for their organic and specialty food selection. They currently have 450+ locations across America, with over half of them located in California! If you are looking to buy healthy groceries that aren’t typically found at your local mainstream grocery store then look no further than Trader Joes’ wonderful hours- they’ll be perfect timing before those long workdays start again tomorrow morning 🙂

Trader Joe’s Near Me

Most Trader Joe’s stores are open from Monday to Saturday from 8:00am to 9:00pm, and on Sunday from 10:00am to 7:00pm. However, hours may vary by location. To find the exact hours for your local Trader Joe’s, you can use the store locator on the company website. Generally, the store is busiest during the lunch hour and early evening. If you’re looking to get your hands on some of Trader Joe’s famous products, be sure to check out their hours before heading over!

Trader Joe’s Holiday Hours

Trader Joe’s is closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas, but you can still get your hands on some great deals at the store! It will be open with reduced hours for most other holidays. For instance it’ll close early during Memorial Day weekend (and stay that way until 6 pm) as well as 4th of July celebrations or New Year’s Eve festivities – just remember to check before heading out so not miss any important sales events.

While most stores are still closed on Good Friday, Labor Day and Black Friday this year due to holiday falls into the beginning of summer – Trader Joe’s is one exception. The grocery store will maintain its regular hours during normal business days from 8am until 9 pm which ensures that you can get your shopping done before it ends!

You can find out if there are any holiday hours for your local store by calling it or checking online.

HolidayTrader Joe’s Hours
New Year’s DayClosed
Good Friday8 am– 9 pm
Easter8 am– 5 pm
Memorial Day8 am– 5 pm
4th of July8 am– 5 pm
Labor Day8 am– 9 pm
Black Friday8 am– 9 pm
Christmas Eve8 am– 6 pm
Christmas DayClosed
New Year’s Eve8 am– 6 pm

Ross store hours of operation

Trader Joe’s never closes and is one of the world’s most well-known grocery stores. It’s open from 8 am to 9 pm every day and has reduced hours for most holidays, meaning you can purchase all your groceries without having them spoil!

What is the opening time of your local Trader Joe’s? You can check their hours of operation by calling the store or checking for a nearby location with Store Search.

It is easy to see when our store will be open for your entire week by clicking one button! The Store Search also shows you an address and its hours on that day, but if we want more information about what time periods they are during or how frequently stores change their schedule then clicking ‘View All Hours’ was perfect.

DaysTrader Joe’s Hours
Monday8 am– 9 pm
Tuesday8 am– 9 pm
Wednesday8 am– 9 pm
Thursday8 am– 9 pm
Friday8 am– 9 pm
Saturday8 am– 9 pm
Sunday8 am– 9 pm

Best Time to Shop at Trader Joe’s

According to one Reddit Ask Me Anything thread, managers offered tips about what many shoppers might not know. It turns out that most people do their shopping on Saturdays or Sundays. One commented, I think it’s hilarious when people come in Sunday and complain about how busy we are. The best days to visit are Tuesdays and Wednesdays- early in the morning close to opening is the best time to go.Tuesday was a popular day for new arrivals at Trader Joe’s because of the fresh produce being delivered; but also different nonperishable items such as sour cream would eventually run out by Friday evening .

Had we only known of this years ago! We would’ve been able to avoid the dreadful task of going shopping during weekends and sticking to weekday visits during the morning hours. Think about it; a fraction of people clogging up store space, fully stocked shelves and freezers with anything you need, and helpful employees at every turn who are eager to answer any question you may have.

About the Ross Company

Trader Joe’s is a popular chain of neighborhood grocery stores where you can find high-quality goods at excellent prices. It provides an enjoyable experience through its unique products and helpful employees. Trader Joe’s has been fulfilling customer needs for over forty years now!

Trader Joe’s doesn’t offer many branded items. What you will find is a vast array of unique and intriguing products under the Trader Joe’s label – from everyday necessities to specialty food treats.

In order to enter our store, all products go through a series of taste tests conducted by an extensive panel of shoppers who decide whether or not they would spend their hard-earned money on it. This includes considerations such as pricing and level of quality. From this test, if the product is determined to be exceptional in both respects, then it will become one of many items that make up what we call the ultimate Trader Joe’s experience.


Trader Joe’s was established in 1958 and has since expanded to 457 locations. It is currently led by CEO Dan Bane who oversees 10,000 employees. Trader Joes hours may vary due to the many growing stores but for any questions about this or anything else please reach out to them at 1-800- TRADERJOE (1-800-872-3763). The privately owned grocery store offers an extensive selection of organic produce and healthy snacks which sets it apart from other national chains.

Address800 S Shamrock Ave
Monrovia, CA 91016
Phone(626) 599-3700
Fax(626) 301-4431

Does Trader Joe’s Have Self-Checkout?

No, unlike many of its competitors – from Walmart to Kroger – Trader Joe’s doesn’t plan on introducing self-checkout registers into their stores anytime soon. There are quite a few people who would love for them to do so; but unfortunately for these individuals, it just won’t happen anytime soon.

You Can Buy One Banana for 19 Cents

Buying produce in bulk can make financial sense if you know you will use every last piece before it goes bad or expires. In light of this, some frugal grocery shoppers hesitate when considering buying large quantities of fruits and vegetables–even though the price per unit might be cheaper than what they would pay for each item individually. This hesitation was confirmed when Trader Joe’s CEO observed one such shopper at a Sun City, California store; leading him to begin selling bananas only by themselves.

Most grocery stores offer bananas in bulk and would sell them by the pound. Trader Joe’s would provide a small bag containing 4-5 bananas but when Dan Bane visited one of his locations, he noticed an elderly woman putting a small package back on the shelf. He inquired about why she did so when she had not bought it yet; to which she explained that Sonny, (a nickname given) …I may not live long enough to consume all these fruits. The next day, they started selling single bananas for 19 cents each.

Aldi Is Part of the Family

Trader Joe’s was founded in 1967 in Pasadena, California by an entrepreneur named Joe Coloumbe. In 1979, it was bought out and merged with a German company called Aldi Nord which also has its own chain of European grocery stores – Aldi Sud operates the U.S. locations of these supermarkets.

Despite similarities, both Aldi and Trader Joe’s have separate marketing strategies. Market experts highlight that while Aldi is focused on price, it still makes money by selling grocery store staples at lower prices than other places. Meanwhile, Trader Joe’s has an entirely different strategy to appeal to the public; they focus on an exclusive assortment of prepackaged foods in flavors you won’t find anywhere else.

There Are No Sales or Coupons at Trader Joe’s

Many grocery stores offer discounted items every week. At Trader Joe’s, however, shoppers don’t need coupons because they only sell items that are already priced down.

With this grocery store claiming they are unable to offer special deals because they already offer low prices every day, we decided to compare prices on a bottle of Trader Joe’s Italian dressing versus the same product from Whole Foods – here is what we found: For $3.49 you’ll get a 12 ounce bottle of Trader Joe’s organic Italian dressing; but for just over one dollar more at $4.79 you’ll also receive a 12 ounce jar of Whole Foods’ own 365 Organic Romano Dressing which still saves you money after comparing these two items side by side.



The popular grocery store, Trader Joe’s, is well known among those who are regulars to the supermarket for its low prices on a wide range of consumable items. Including cookies, condiments, cheeses and some prepared foods – many at lower than average prices. What makes this brand so popular is not just because it offers these products at affordable rates; but also because it has such an idiosyncratic culture.


Trader Joe’s is popular among shoppers who want low-priced goods and are seeking a little variety. However, one of the things that sets Trader Joe’s apart from its competitors is its emphasis on healthy living. Organic foods, healthy snacks, and supplements can all be found at reasonable prices at Trader Joe’s, which also provides plenty of helpful information about maintaining your diet even when you’re out shopping for groceries elsewhere.


Tuesdays and Wednesdays are best for shopping at Trader Joe’s because it starts opening early on those days.


Tuesday and Wednesday are my favorite days. The early morning hours offer the freshest goods which can’t be found anywhere else because of how quickly they sell out by mid-day, so it’s best to arrive before they’re gone!


Trader Joe’s had prices that were 16% less than what we found from surveyed area stores.


Trader Joe’s offers a try before you buy policy, along with a returns policy. Every product in this grocery store is available for sampling, so customers can decide whether or not they want to buy it. Snacks, produce, and pre-packaged food like cheese, sushi, and salads are all included.


While Trader Joe’s does not deliver themselves, there are two different delivery services available for you to choose from. If you choose option 1, your groceries can be delivered to you. If you choose option 2, your groceries will be delivered to you. Or if neither of those options suit your needs, you can opt for Amazon or eBay to purchase items through third-party sellers.


Yes, some locations are open on Easter Sunday. Some locations may close early at 5 pm.


If you are looking for organic groceries not typically found in mainstream grocery stores, then Trader Joe’s hours might be of interest to you. Our mission is to help people find what they need when it comes to organic food so give us a call or stop by today.

Trader Joe’s understands how important it is for each and every customer to be given the most affordable price for high-quality goods. The same is true regardless of what time of day they visit or which store they go to. Every single time a customer shops at Trader Joe’s, we want them to leave feeling satisfied with having found an excellent product at an affordable price – all while keeping our incredible service in mind.

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