9 Leading Mehndi Artists in Mumbai

Mehndi is the first thing that comes to mind when we think about any special occasion. Especially with a wedding, many will say you’re missing out if you don’t do some mehndi! It’s impossible for there not be a connection between the Henna and weddings. Therefor, it only makes sense for one to go to an expert for Mehndi rather than going to someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing or just making mistakes without realizing. Professional artists have developed ways of applying the paste quickly while getting intricate designs so they can express themselves while doing this beautiful art form- all while still getting good results.

Best Mehndi Artists in Mumbai:

Mehendi artist makes your wedding more beautiful. Here is the list of 9 top mehndi artists in Mumbai for you.

1. Veena Nagda Mumbai Mehndi Designer:

One of the most well-known mehndi artists in Mumbai, she is known among celebrities, which is why her prices are a little higher than other mehandi designers. However, with such an extensive history in this industry, it is clear that she has been crowned as the Queen of Mehandi Artists in Mumbai; especially due to her distinctive style combined with her lengthy time spent working in the industry.

Veena Nagda Mumbai Mehndi Designer

2. Geeta Patel – Best Mehendi Designer in Mumbai:

Her self-proclaimed status as an artist has earned her a well deserved reputation, enough to last 20 years into this business. Now with her daughter-in-law also joining in the family business (and branching out into other ventures), they’ve never had it so good. Popular for their intricately designed henna tattoos, people come from all over to get theirs done by them.

Geeta Patel – Best Mehendi Designer in Mumbai

3. Pawan Mehendi Artist in Mumbai:

Pawan has been working in the field of mehndi design since 2000; they boast an Academy with 2000 students, featuring all kinds of styles. The company strives to give every single customer a personalized experience that can only come from originality and creativity.

Pawan Mehendi Artist in Mumbai

4. Jayshree Maru Mehndi Designs:

Jayshree Maru has been hailed as one of the most successful mehndi designers in Mumbai, India. It is likely that there isn’t anyone living within the region who hasn’t heard her name or seen her work at least once before. For those looking for amazing and affordable designs, she’ll be happy to do some travelling as well!

Jayshree Maru Mehndi Designs

5. Jyoti Chheda Mehndi Artist:

Expect her to be the go-to person when clients need to design a mehndi pattern or want something designed. She has won innumerable awards and accolades for some of the most intricate designs she has made. For being such an innovator, it comes as no surprise that she is so good at what she does. And because of how humble and charmingly amiable this woman is, everyone can’t help but like her – even after paying for their product!

Jyoti Chheda Mehndi Artist

6. Usha And Ekta Shah- Mehndi Artists:

Usha is a famous mehndi artist in Mumbai and offers lessons too. With dedicated customers who appreciate her creativity, Usha has become one of India’s most popular mehndi artists. All this while growing up, Ekta was always eager to help her mother when it came to creating beautiful Mehendi designs that would grace hands at weddings and ceremonies around town – an interest she inherited from her late father who had been one of the best designers Usha knew.

Usha And Ekta Shah- Mehndi Artists

7. Rahul Sonavane Professional Mehndi Artist in Mumbai:

Rahul is an innovator when it comes to Mehendi design. His approach couldn’t be more different than what other Mumbaikars think of as the norm, and he has had 15 years of professional experience making him one of the best in his field. His extensive collections are perfect for every occasion – whether it’s a wedding or just some self-care time!

Rahul Sonavane Professional Mehndi Artist in Mumbai

8. Asha Savla Best Bridal Mehndi Artist in Mumbai:

Her exhaustive research of Modern Mehndi had made her an authority on the subject, unequaled by any other. Furthermore, she was well versed with Traditional Henna techniques, applying them to create incredibly intricate patterns which would capture anyone’s eye. Her wide variety of Mehndi designs appealed to all tastes; whether you were looking for something simple or anything complex, there was something for everyone.

Asha Savla Best Bridal Mehndi Artist in Mumbai

9. Nirmala Asthana -Bridal Mehndi Artist:

Nirmala Asthana has 12 years of expertise in Radha Krishna mehendi designs, with a specialization in elaborate patterns. There is nothing she will say no to when it comes to beautiful bridal mehendi work – she can do both traditional or modern styles of hand painting, depending on what the customer requests.

Nirmala Asthana -Bridal Mehndi Artist

When it comes to festivals and ceremonies, the most important thing will be the design of the mehendi. There are many mehandi artists who offer intricate portraits or religious motifs with henna. There is no limit on what you can use for mehendi nowadays, thanks to professional artists. Making weddings special occasions is just one way we can make them last forever.

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