What Is about:blank

Is about:blank a virus? How do you get rid of it?

There’s nothing wrong with about:blank. In fact, many people use this as their home page and will have the browser open with an empty white screen if they so choose! If you don’t like seeing a blank space on your screen every time that happens- we’ll show how to stop it from happening automatically.

When you see “about:blank” in your web browser’s address bar, it means that there is no content found for this page. This can be because the website has been removed or the user may not have permission to view it according its author’s privacy settings on either their computer setting (such as Private Browsing)

where they need access only by themselves; personally controlled devices like smartphones and tablets which allow users some control over what data gets sent out when using certain apps.; third party browsers used while connected via Wi-Fi hotspots such as AT&T Safari mobile app – but NOT Internet Explorer due too limited functionality

Closing the about:blank page in your browser is a great way to make sure that you always open with an empty white screen. It can be frustrating when it happens, but we’ll show how not having this problem anymore!

What Is about:blank?

Is about:blank a virus? A malicious program that you should delete from your computer as soon as possible? Actually, no. It’s nothing more than a blank page that loads when you open a new browser window or tab. You can even type in any web address you want and it will take you there. So if you’re wondering what about:blank is, now you know. And there’s nothing to worry about.

When you want to open a website in your web browser, just type about: into the address bar and press Enter. This is how Google Chrome opens its settings page when I go there from my computer’s homepage!

You know that empty page the web browser creates when you type about:blank and press Enter? Yeah, that’s not from around here. That’s an actual page built right into your computer. A lot of people think this is just a prank or something to do while they browse on their computers but if we’re talking truthfully then there are actually some pretty cool features packed inside these little white spaces!

You can read articles in private mode without having anything show up in public because nobody will see what sites were opened before hand , share links with friends via chat notifications2(which also work offline so no signal needed), use bookmarks as shortcuts

Why Is about:blank Useful?

We all know that about:blank is not a real page. It’s just an empty space where you can fill it with anything and call it your home, right? The user might be doing this to mock websites or because they’re trying out different things before making up their mind on which site will become the default homepage

To achieve this, all you have to do is go into your browser’s settings and tell it to open with I personally always open my browser’s settings and tell it to use about:blank instead of another web page. This is because I never know if there are going be any pop-ups in the site, which could inconveniently redirect me elsewhere without warning or permission from myself!

Who knows what you’ll find at the end of about:blank? No-one actually, but that doesn’t stop web browsers from trying their best to show something. Browsers are always on display and loading an empty page is one way for these digital personalities make themselves known!

Is It a Virus or Malware?

The about:blank page isn’t malware or anything dangerous. However, if you’re concerned your computer might have malware on it, we recommend performing a scan with your antimalware program of choice.

We like Malwarebytes, and we recommend giving your computer a scan with it. The free version can perform manual scans and remove malware. The paid Premium version just adds automatic background scanning. Malwarebytes supports both Windows PCs and Macs.

The about:blank page isn’t malware or anything dangerous. However, if you’re concerned your computer might have a virus on it then we recommend performing the scan with antivirus software of choice!
malware is a serious problem that can cause major issues with your computer.

We recommend giving it an once-over and removing any malware before things get worse! The free version of Malwarebytes has been proven time after again, but if you want complete peace of mind then buy the premium edition because not only does it automate scans on background – meaning there’s no need for manual intervention whatsoever.

its paid features include advanced technical support options so users who aren’t knowledgeable about how do deal themselves will quickly find help wherever they need assistance

How Can You Get Rid of about:blank?

You can’t actually get rid of or remove about:blank. It’s part of your web browser, and it’ll always be there under the hood – but you don’t have to see this unwanted page again if you don’t want too!

If whenever you open up Google Chrome its got that one specific tab showing “about Blank” then all we gotta do is change how our homepage looks in settings on startup by selecting either ‘Open New Tab Page'(or whichever webpage I’d like) instead-and voila…all fixed!!

Whenever you open your web browser, if there is a black screen with only about:blank on it then all that needs to be done in order for things not look so boring or informative are few clicks of the mouse. Allowing users access other pages besides New Tab page when they log into their particular browsers can add some variety into one’s browsing experience!

In Google Chrome, you can choose what pages open on startup. To do this go into the settings and look for a place called “On Startup” in which there will either be Open The New Tab Page or Blank page that opens by default of most browsers but not all so make sure yours is different!