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NBA YoungBoy Dreads Hairstyles: 5 Sassy Styles To Try Out In 2023

Born in 1999, Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, famously known as NBA YoungBoy, is an American rapper who gained immense popularity at a very young age. Within the period of 2015 to 2017, Gaulden released six independent mixtapes, resulting in an incredible surge of new followers.

With his signature rapping style, some envied him while others became his devoted fans. Eventually, Gaulden inked a contract with Atlantic Records and, in January 2018, he released his single “Outside Today” which debuted on the Billboard Top 100 chart.

Since he was a kid, YoungBoy had always had a unique sense of style. He is one of the many millennials who have an impressive and sophisticated wardrobe.

His hairstyles have especially caught the eye of people all around the world, so much so that they have even taken the time to discuss it in videos, blogs, and forums. From cornrows to dreads, NBA Youngboy is never shy to express himself with daring and trendsetting hairstyles.

Going Back In Time: Why Is It Called ‘DreadLocks’?

Rich in significance, dreadlocks have a history spanning centuries. Reports in Indian writings suggest they have been worn since 3800 BCE. Its roots, however, are attributed to the Egyptians in an era long gone. When the Rasta movement took place in Jamaica, the hairstyle was coined ‘dreadlocks’, a nod to its fearsome implications. The term ‘dread’ speaks to horror and fear, thus providing the style its symbolic interpretation.

YoungBoy’s Hair Type and Dreads

NBA Youngboy’s hair is very curly and dense, typically categorized as 4C. This type of hair is characteristic of Black people, being coarse in texture and naturally full-bodied. 4C is the most extreme of the 4-type category and Youngboy often sports semi-freeform dreads, with the roots being loosely interwoven and each dread standing apart from the root to the end.

When a lock of 4C hair is extended, it does not usually sag unless it has grown quite long. When stretched to its fullest, the curl pattern of this hair type is exaggerated, resulting in a large increase in its length. These tight spirals and kinks allow for a significant contraction in the hair shaft, giving it an abundance of volume.

How To Achieve YoungBoy’s Dreadlocks

For the best YoungBoy-style dreadlocks, 4B or 4C hair is the ideal choice. To achieve the desired semi-freeform look, hair length should be 3-4 inches. To recreate the same hairstyle, simply follow the steps outlined for a similar type of hair.

Step 1

To begin the process, gently massage the scalp with a sponge, promoting blood flow and making the hair more manageable for the next step of twisting.

Step 2

After completing the first step, twist your hair either clockwise or counterclockwise – whichever you prefer. If you switch directions while twisting, the dreadlocks will become undone. Therefore, it’s important to keep the same direction of rotation.

Step 3

For the third step, NBA Youngboy’s hairstyles require separating the locks at the base to keep them from clumping together. To achieve this, one should give careful attention while doing this and make sure to part them at least once every week.

Step 4

In order to obtain the best dreadlocks, one must make sure to moisturize them regularly. A sulfate-free shampoo and organic oil should be used when washing the hair to ensure it maintains the correct amount of moisture needed to maintain the desired look of the dreadlocks.

NBA YoungBoy’s Dreads That You Could Try Out

Most people would honestly tell you that dreads are an essential element of NBA YoungBoy’s fashion. When he initially began his career, he had quite short hair. However, as he aged, he sported longer locks than what he originally had when he initially stepped into the music industry. If your hair type is comparable to YoungBoy’s, take a look at these styles that you could incorporate if you find yourself synchronizing well with dreadlocks!

Here Are 5 Of The Most Popular NBA Youngboy Hairstyles

YoungBoy has consistently kept the same basic hairstyles throughout his career, only ever making minor tweaks that don’t take people by surprise. These 5 cuts have been seen on him most often and show that his look has evolved without becoming unrecognizable. People have welcomed the changes he has made in style, with open arms.

Short Flat Top With Textured Fade

This hairdo is sleekly structured, maintained relatively short yet not overly so, with a neat, flat top. The strands are clipped in the same length to fashion a silhouette that lifts off the scalp. Regardless of hair type, this style works wonderfully as long as the locks are curly or wavy; however, 4B or 4C tresses provide the most satisfactory look. If you are after a style that looks dapper anywhere, you should definitely give this hairstyle a try.

Short Flat Top With Textured Fade

To maximize the look of this hairstyle, you will want to opt for a flat, looser, and textured top. It is the contrast between the textured fade and the hair on the sides and back that really makes this cut stand out. Most barbers will know exactly what to do if you ask for a textured fade; however, it’s important to ensure that the hair on top is not trimmed if it is already fairly long, as this will not produce the desired effect.

Short Dreads With Lower Taper Fade

In 2021, the Taper Fade with dreads became increasingly popular with a range of variations to choose from, some simpler to accomplish than others. Complicated looks, however, would require the expertise of a professional hairstylist. Semi-free form and freeform dreads offer an edgy, urban vibe to the classic Taper Fade cut.

Short Dreads With Lower Taper Fade

The lower taper fade, which is the one YoungBoy wears most often, can be accentuated by leaving some dreads out and using the faded sides to emphasize the look. Whether you’re after something you can rock everyday or a more statement look, the Taper Fade with dreads is a versatile style worth exploring.

To achieve the desired style, it’s ideal to grab the hair at the temples and secure them with clippers. Then, a trimmer should be employed to create the fades; these could range from low to high depending on personal preference. To finish, a semi-freeform cut could be done to the top if you’d like to emulate the look in the image, though this is not a necessity.

Freeform Dreadlocks

With complete sincerity, this hairstyle is simple to achieve and has become Youngboy’s recent preference. The locks are left in their natural form and are not combed or tampered with in any way, thus earning its title. Once your hair grows to a desirable length, it can remain as it is or be adjusted to fit a semi-freeform look.

Freeform Dreadlocks

Maintaining freeform dreadlocks requires diligent care. It is important to wash the hair with a quality shampoo that won’t leave residue. Once washed, blow dry your hair without applying conditioner, as this would impede the natural dreading process. Before blow-drying, apply a moisturizing oil, then wrap the hair in a microfiber towel to absorb excess moisture without causing damage.

Top Knot And Taper Fade

YoungBoy may not have been seen with this hairstyle often, but there are pictures that suggest it is one of his favorites. This is the kind of look he might opt for when not in the spotlight, when simply enjoying time with friends and family.

Top Knot And Taper Fade

Its relaxed feel allows for ultimate comfort, but requires long hair in order to properly tie into a top knot. A low taper fade will offer the top knot more fullness and body, enhancing its overall effect.

Classic Dreadlocks Curtains

Since the 90s, this style of rap has become an iconic part of hip hop culture and has been used by artists all around the world. Predating the 90s, many famous rappers embraced the style to pave the way for the modern hip hop scene. By donning this style, YoungBoy honors those trailblazers, respectfully recognizing the individuals who established and cultivated the rap genre.

Classic Dreadlocks Curtains

Accomplishing this look starts with accurately sectioning the hair. Making sure that there is enough room between the divisions is crucial as they will be visible. You can choose small or large sections, whatever best fits your desired outcome. Be patient when sectioning the hair and make sure that the lines are clear and evenly distributed. Finally, part the hair down the center, so the locks are cascading down as if it were curtains, hence the term curtain bangs.


NBA Youngboy has reached stardom at an impressively young age, and this has contributed to his hairdos becoming a fashion trend. If you wish to achieve these popular styles in the coming year, it’s essential to learn the technique for creating dreadlocks. While a short cut requires less maintenance, for a longer style, some additional styling effort may be needed.

If you can master the dreadlocks look and flaunt it with confidence, you’ll certainly turn heads in 2023. If you haven’t done so already, why not let your hair grow out to give it a chance to form its own natural dreadlocks?

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