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Mumtaz – Biography, Career, Lifestyle

Mumtaz – The Legendary Actress

Mumtaz was discovered at age 12, when she starred in a silent film called ‘Samskara’. She went on to star in films such as ‘Yasmin’, ‘Street’, ‘Walla Kya Baat Hai’, ‘Main Shaadi Karne Chula’, ‘Dr. Vidya’ (for which she won the Filmfare Award), and many others until finally starring in ‘Shera’. Other than being known for her few minor roles alongside her sister-actress Malika, Mumtaz had no other connection to Bollywood.

Career of Mumtaz

Mumtaz, who once captivated millions in the 1960s and 1970s with her beauty, turns 65 this year. Except for being lonely, she claims to have no complaints about life.

Throughout her youth, she worked as an extra in many B-level movies that often starred at least one famous actor – though they did not quite make it to A-grade level just yet. When she became a full grown adult, Ms. Chauhan found more success when playing supporting characters in popular Hindi cinema; which garnered the respect of many directors who even gave her opportunities to play lead roles alongside seasoned actors who have starred in several well known productions.

Late in her career, she took on the challenge of playing the main lead female character in sixteen action films; among them being Fauld, Veer Bhimber, Tarzan Comes to Delhi, Sikandar-E-Azam, Rustom-E-Hind, and Rake. One of her most famous co-stars included freestyle wrestling champion Dara Singh and she gained notoriety for acting alongside him in many movies where he played one half of her duo enemy tandem.

Mumtaz won the Filmfare Award for Best Actress for her portrayal of Khilona in 1970. Despite all odds, no one wanted to play Chaand – even though he was a male prostitute – since it was his character that made Mumtaz receive her only Filmfare award in this category.

She has been nominated once for the Filmfare Awards’ Best Actress category, and twice for the BFJA Awards’ Best Supporting Actress category.

Career of Mumtaz

Mumtaz won the Filmfare Best Actress Award for one of her favorite films Khilona in 1970. The actress was pleased that audience accepted her in emotional role, and continued to act in many hit movies including Mela (1971), Apradh (1972) and Nagin (1976) paired with Feroz Khan. Her pairing with Rajesh Khanna proved to be successful – they were together on screen ten times. In 1977, Mumtaz left India after making only 13 more movies because she wanted to concentrate on raising her family instead of being away from them again. Then twenty-three years later, she made a triumphant return to Bollywood and completed two more movies before saying goodbye for good thirteen years later at age 59 due to health issues.

Biography of Mumtaz

On July 31, 1947 Mumtaz was born to Abdul Sameer Askari and Sardar Begum Habib Agha, both of Iranian heritage living in Bombay. As a child actor, she made her first appearance as Mahisha in Samaksara (1952), Yasmin (1955) and Lawani (1958) before gradually progressing onto prominent roles such as the leading lady in steer (1961) directed by Rajen Tarafdar.

When faced with a financial crisis, twelve-year old Mumtaz agreed to act in films so that her family could continue on its steady path towards becoming what it did- one of India’s most respected families for production houses like Kolkata Films Pvt Ltd.

Mumtaz was one of the top actresses in the Sixties and Seventies. During that era, she worked with renowned actors like Dev Anand (Hare Krishna Hare Ram and Terre Mere Sapne, Dili Kumar (Ram aura Shy am), Dharmendra Rajesh Khanna, Sunil Dutta, Huaraz, and Nagin.

Mumtaz was one of the top actresses in Sixties and Seventies. She acted with famous actors like Dev Anand (Hare Krishna Hare Ram and Terre Mere Sapne), Dili Kumar, Dharmendra, Rajesh Khanna (Sunil Dutta) and Huaraz.

Veteran actress Mumtaz lives with her daughter and husband in London, while her sister Mallika lives with her husband (Indian actor Randhawa) near their home town of Mumbai.


  • BFJA Award for Best Supporting Actress – Brahmachari (1968)
  • Filmfare Best Actress Award – Khilona (1970)
  • Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award (1996)
  • IIFA Outstanding Contribution by an Indian in Cinema, Honorary Award (2008)


  • Filmfare Best Supporting Actress Award – Ram aura Shy am (1967)
  • Filmfare Best Supporting Actress Award – A admi aura Insane (1969)

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Mumtaz Askari was born to Abdul Saleem Askari and Shadi Habib Agha, who also gave birth to her sister Mallika. When Mumtaz’s younger brother Randhawa married the older sister of Bollywood wrestler Dara Singh, she did not resist when he arranged for her engagement with business man Mayur Madhavi in 1974.

Though they eventually had two daughters, Tanya and Natasha- Tanya got married at age 18 when she met Marco Cilia from Italy, while Natasha is set to wed Fardeen Khan next month- both girls are in good relationships with men who love them unconditionally.

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