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8 Exclusive Knotless Braids With Heart Hairstyles For A Trendy Look

There is no denying it: braids are undeniably cute and timeless! No matter the hairstyle, braids can never be omitted from the discussion when it comes to hair. It is no surprise that this look always creates a major slay moment!

The usual plaited styles can be a blast, yet the ultra-chic looks sported by our beloved black celebrities every now and then take it up a notch! African American girls have certainly elevated protective hairdos to a higher level, from conventional box braids to exquisitely detailed tribal plaits.

Having a passion for braiding hair, it is safe to assume that you are knowledgeable about the facts and trends surrounding this craft. You may have even tried out some of the most fashionable hairstyles. Consequently, you are probably well acquainted with the beloved heart braid.

Heart-shaped braids offer a chic and glamorous touch to any ordinary plaits. Whether you are running errands or going out, this unique hairstyle will always make a statement.

If you need an extra bit of pizazz for a birthday celebration or want an eye-catching style for Valentine’s Day, heart-shaped braids are the perfect choice. If you are getting your hair braided in the near future, go for the knotless version!

What Are Knotless Braids?

Have you ever wondered what the fuss is all about when it comes to knotless braids? These plaits resemble classic box braids but lack the small knot at the roots, which makes them stand out.

A distinct trait that distinguishes traditional box braids from knotless ones is the way in which the braiding hair is secured: whereas traditional box braids use a knot, knotless braids utilize a feed-in style.

How to Do Knotless Braids with Heart on Your Own?

Having comprehended the essential contrast, you may choose to experiment with knotless braids. If you have come to a resolution, we would propose accenting your plaits with a heart-shaped pattern.

Braiding can be a great way to craft a heart-shaped hairdo! Begin by creating your parting in the form of a heart on one side, then braid two sections, and finally bring them together to form the classic heart look.

Many women like to give their hair a unique look by styling it into a heart-shaped parting. An excellent way to show off your style is to make a braid with the heart-shaped parting. Let’s not wait any longer and learn how to create this knotless heart braid easily!

Hairstyling Ideas for Knotless Braids with Heart

The title of this hairstyle might be quite elegant, but don’t let that fool you—it’s actually fairly straightforward to create knotless braids with hearts. All you need is a few specific skills when it comes to partings and braids, and you’re good to go!

So, don’t hesitate to try it out yourself! To help make things easier, we have gathered some of the top hairstyles for knotless braids with hearts. Now you can start styling as soon as possible!

If you have experimented with the basics of hair styling, then you are in luck, as there are further options available to take your look to the next level. Why not explore these choices together and determine which one suits you best!

1. Medium Knotless

If you’re new to braiding and would like to try out a timeless style, we suggest the classic heart braid with knotless box braids. Medium-sized box braids are a perfect option to achieve a beautiful look and long lengths can create an eye-catching appearance.

Medium Knotless

This woman’s hair is simply outstanding! Her box braids look impeccable and the heart-shaped braid on the side is darling. The curled tips and stylish edges further add to her look. In addition, we appreciate the detail of having two intertwined braids instead of one forming the heart – truly unique!

2. Allover Hearts

We mentioned that you can opt for a fully-braided hairstyle made up entirely of hearts. This means that the entire style is crafted from hearts instead of simply incorporating a heart pattern into a single side. Interesting, isn’t it?

Allover Hearts

Behold this illustration – a delightful amalgamation of heart-shaped braids! Its originality renders it truly stylish. Should you seek to try something adventurous, this style is undoubtedly the one to go for!

3. Single-Braided Heart

If you want your knotless braids to look chic and sophisticated, a single braid with a heart design is the perfect way to go. Although the most typical option is a cornrow-style braid, it’s worth exploring different looks.

Single-Braided Heart

If minimalism is your thing, then this look is for you. Start by taking your hair and dividing it using a heart-shaped part. Then, braid your strands until you reach the ends, and use a brush to give your mane perfectly sleek edges, like the ones seen in this photo. You will be ready to take on the world with your beautiful hair!

4. Red Heart

Trying to decide what hairstyle to rock for Valentine’s Day or date night? Look no further than a style incorporating the color red! Why not take it one step further and try out the fashionable heart braid?

Red Heart

This classic look has all the elements of the perfect style, while still having a unique flair. To complete the look, knotless braids were intricately designed with red braiding hair forming the heart shape. The striking red and vivacious curls create a beautiful, eye-catching aesthetic. Give it a go!

5. Squares and Triangles

When creating a classic box braid look, the most common partings are square-shaped. Yet, you can experiment with different shapes such as triangles when trying a knotless braid style. Remember to secure the heart-shaped parting to ensure the overall look!

Squares and Triangles

This woman’s hairstyle has an impressive geometric combination of a square and triangle parting that really makes her braids stand out. What really catches the eye is the charming heart-shaped braid, which can be recreated by following the instructions outlined previously. We can guarantee that you will adore this style.

6. Braided Ponytail

To instantly upgrade a hairstyle, women often gravitate towards ponytails and top buns with box braids. Additionally, there’s an abundance of opportunities to express one’s creativity, like incorporating brightly-colored braiding hair to make a statement with a ponytail.

This lady looks stunningly fashionable due to her impeccably styled braids. The alternating tones of red and black create an attractive contrast that complements her hairstyle. The ponytail completes the overall effect, elevating the entire look.

Braided Ponytail

To our amazement, the small red beads adorning the tips of the knotless box braids and heart braid have the potential to deceive people into thinking they are part of the hair. It is certainly proving to be an effective ploy!

7. Hearts and Star

Expanding your styling repertoire shouldn’t be restricted to limits, for it is creativity that makes each hairstyle distinct. With extraordinary braided designs and imaginative partings, there is one look you must give a shot at least once.

Hearts and Star

Be mesmerized by this creative hairstyle that brings to mind nostalgia from childhood days. Its unique combination of heart and star-shaped partings provide a show-stopping look that’s simply unforgettable. Don’t miss the opportunity to level up your style with this amazing look.

8. Top Bun

In regards to braided hairstyles, it would be inconceivable to exclude our beloved top buns from the list. No matter the type of braid, be it the knotless braids or the classic style, one can easily create a top bun in minutes that can be utilized for both formal and informal events.

Top Bun

If you are just beginning your journey with knotless braids, you should attempt a top bun composed of all your braids while reserving one side for a single heart braid. This picture showcases the remarkable beauty of the style.

To obtain a side-parted style, similar to the one depicted in this photograph, seal the look with perfected edges for a fabulous finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the major task accomplished, let us explore the most frequent queries related to knotless braids with heart and gain an understanding of their answers!

How long do Knotless braids last?

The duration of your knotless braids can last anywhere from one to three months, depending on the type of care and size of the braid.

How can I make a heart-shaped parting?

If you want to achieve a perfect heart-shaped parting in your hair, the most important thing is to be patient. Combing your hair will help create the shape you want, but don’t forget that practicing is the key to perfecting it. You can also add a touch of gel for an extra precise look.


With just a few simple steps, you can give yourself an eye-catching look in a few hours by tying beautiful knotless braids. We are sure that you will love this look as much as all the other braided styles you’ve experimented with!

Peruse the various hairstyles outlined above and determine which look will be most suited for you. After you’ve completed the braid, form your tresses into ponytails and buns for a delightful aesthetic. Not only will your hair look amazing, but you will too, darling!

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