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8 Exquisite Burst Fade Mullet Hairstyles & Guide In 2023

The mullet hairstyle has a long and storied history in fashion, having made multiple appearances over the decades. Recently, the Burst Fade Mullet has gained popularity in popular culture. The origins of the mullet can be traced back to ancient Britain, as evidenced by figurines found during recent archaeological digs.

The style has been embraced by well-known figures, such as Nicholas Cage in the Superman franchise, and has even been featured in magazines such as GQ. Despite its sometimes controversial reputation, the mullet remains a popular hairstyle and can be executed in a variety of modern and trendy ways. With the right styling, a mullet can be a fashionable and stylish statement in the current hair industry.

With that in mind, scroll through our article that’s particularly made to cater to this eccentric hairstyle with styling ideas and guidelines. It’s guaranteed to land you all the adoration you may ever have ever wanted for your taste & fashion sense.

What Is A Burst Fade Mullet?

Confused about the hairstyle known as a mullet with burst fade? Let’s break it down and learn the specific characteristics that define this look.

Initially, Esquire Magazine stated that the mullet hairstyle is a combination of two different hairstyles. The back has longer hair reaching the neck, while the top has a shorter cut that does not match the length of the nape hair. The sides have shaved or faded sections, creating the overall mullet look.

A burst fade is a trimmed taper around the back and sides of the ears, forming a half circle. Combining this with the mullet results in the basic Burst Fade Mullet hairstyle.

Most Unique Burst Fade Mullet Hairstyle Ideas

It’s time to explore unique mullet hairstyles paired with burst fades on the sides. These hairstyles can be worn for formal occasions or as a casual look for a stunning appearance at any time.

Spiked With A Sharp Fade Line

The creative mullet hairstyle features messy and spiked hair all over the head with long, dense hair on top and in the back. A burst fade is added to the sides, and a sharp fade line with a slight curve is added to enhance the edgy look.

Spiked With A Sharp Fade Line

This hairstyle is a bold way to express your inner radical self, resulting in a drastic change to your appearance that is sure to turn heads.

Minimal Mullet With Burst Fade

This hairstyle is the opposite of the previous edgy style. It appeals to those seeking unique and diverse hairstyling ideas with a minimalist aesthetic. This look is perfect for those who want to show they are fashionable but prefer understated, sophisticated styles over flashy ones. It conveys a message of a refined taste in hairstyles.

Minimal Mullet With Burst Fade

To achieve a stylish haircut, simply keep the top of your hair the same length and trim the sides shorter. Use a fade taper to add definition. To complete the look, consider growing a beard that complements the hairstyle.

Flat Lying Mullet With A Burst

Do you have a hectic daily schedule with limited time for styling your hair? Despite the tight schedule, you still want to look fashionable? If you answered yes to all of these questions, then this hairstyle is perfect for you.

A low-maintenance hairstyle that only requires your commitment to growing hair to a moderate length. Once you reach the desired length, the sides can be easily trimmed with a burst fade while keeping the top and back hair intact.

Flat Lying Mullet With A Burst

Every morning, simply lay your hair flat on your head, run your fingers through it, and head out. Your hair will stay in place all day without needing any touch-ups!

Burst Faded & Bleached Short Mullet

This hairstyle is considered fancy due to its unique and fresh appearance. It can be achieved by using the popular bleaching technique.

After the first step, follow the same process for the rest of the styles on the list, including getting a burst fade on the sides. The burst fade is a shorter version of the mullet, but the added color compensates for the reduced length.

Burst Faded & Bleached Short Mullet

Whether it’s your graduation celebration or a friend’s wedding, this hairstyle makes a strong statement and showcases your fashion-forward sense of style.

Ginger Mullet With Burst Sides

Here’s another low-maintenance mullet style on our list that you can try. It works best with naturally ginger hair, but can still be achieved with any hair color and texture with ease.

Ginger Mullet With Burst Sides

With medium length hair on top and back, paired with burst fades on each side, this hairstyle is easy to maintain. Simply wet your hands during a bathroom break and mess up the top for a sexy, disheveled look that will last for a few hours before needing to be redone.

Short Burst Mullet With Sharp Design

Elevate your style with the bold, short mullet haircut. This eye-catching hairstyle, inspired by Yakuza members, is ideal for those with longer face shapes.

To achieve the best results, keep your hair short for the burst fade. After completing the burst fading steps, finish the style with a touch that takes it to the next level.

Short Burst Mullet With Sharp Design

Create two longer, tapered lines at the back of your hair where the fade starts, allowing the lines to extend slightly beyond the thin fade. This will create a striking and attention-grabbing look that is sure to turn heads and elicit compliments from those around you.

Casual Burst Fade Mullet

This style is more subdued compared to others on our list. It’s suitable for everyday, casual settings like the classroom, office, or workspace. Though understated, it has a significant impact on women.

Casual Burst Fade Mullet

Medium mullets in this style are underappreciated and rarely explored due to limited understanding of its impact. Give it a shot with either straight or curly hair and you’ll be met with overwhelmingly positive reactions.

If desired, maintain a stubble or grow it into a slightly longer beard to enhance the look. Ensure the fade is consistent to complement the hairstyle’s vibe.

The Classy And Edgy

This hair style is a blend of traditional and modern, elegant and bold elements. Despite the risk often associated with combining different aesthetics, this hairstyle has succeeded in creating a unique and remarkable look that requires confidence to carry off convincingly.

The Classy And Edgy

To start, you will require dense and long hair. If you feel your hair is thick enough, blend the length of the top and back, and give the sides a burst fade.

Using a razor, draw three similar shaving lines on your temples for a bold and unique look, completing the intended style.

How To Do Your Own Burst Fade Mullet?

Now that you’ve collected styling ideas and chosen one to try, let us show you how to accomplish it on your own or just how to do it in general.

[Note: Starting with long hair is recommended for creating mullets, but not required for shorter hairstyles.]

Step 1: Section

Begin by dividing your hair into sections on either side of the hairline. Utilize a comb to assist with the parting and secure each section with hair clips to keep it out of the way.

Step 2: Trim

After parting, trim the taper to the hairline. Use a comb guard to ensure a smooth hair length. Avoid fading down to the skin at first as this will make it hard to achieve a gradual burst-fade later.

Step 3: Burst Fade

Trim down to your skin around the ear area to start the burst fading process. Change comb settings from shorter to longer as you move away from your ear, skin fading the taper area. Keep the trimmer hair slightly longer until you reach your hairline.

Step 4: Edge

For the most pronounced burst fade effect, take away the comb guard and use the edge of your clippers to trace clean lines along your sideburns, tapering down to your neckline. This will give you a chiseled, sharp look that makes the fade even more pronounced.

Step 5: Brush

In conclusion, groom your locks backwards with a comb or hair brush. Starting at the top of your hair, brush them backwards and smooth them down to your neck. Make sure that none of your hair falls on either side; it should all stay directed to the back.

To ensure your desired style, add a dollop of hair balm or gel. That’s it! Just five steps and you can achieve the stylish mullet hairstyle with burst fades on the sides! Watch this video to get a better understanding of this process.

Frequently Asked Questions

To clear up any additional questions about a mullet with a burst fade, we have provided answers to some of the most commonly asked queries concerning this style on the internet.

Is the burst fade a mullet?

In contrast to the Burst Fade, the Mullet is a hairstyle characterized by having shorter hair at the front and long hair at the back. The Burst Fade, however, is a particular type of fade that involves closely cutting the hair down to the skin around the ears.

Is the burst fade popular?

The burst fade has rapidly become the go-to choice among fashion-forward individuals. Its flexibility and ease of combining with any accompanying hairstyle is seen to be the reason for its rise in popularity, making it an appealing choice.

Are mullets unprofessional?

When choosing a mullet hairstyle, there are a variety of options. For more professional settings, a neat and tidy look is typically preferred. However, certain messier styles are often not appropriate for the office environment as they don’t portray the right impression to customers.

What face shape do mullets suit?

Those who desire the traditional mullet look should take into consideration their facial shape; the classic style tends to be most complimentary on those with diamond-shaped visages.

Can anyone grow a mullet?

No matter your hair type, having a head of hair gives you the freedom to sport a mullet. We’ve made it easy for you to pick the mullet and burst fade style that fits your personal taste by compiling a list that accommodates for straight, wavy, and curly hair.


The wide range of fashionable Burst Fade Mullet styles promises that this trend is not going away any time soon. With any of these styles, you can count on an eye-catching transformation and an increase in self-confidence. Our article aims to guide you in discovering your personal style and confidently exploring new and stylish ways of presenting yourself.

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