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9 Popular Street Foods in Hyderabad (Hot & Sweet)

Hyderabad Street food varieties are a few hot and hot feasts you can’t avoid on the off chance that you are visiting the city. The morning meals start from Pragati School Street. They serve south Indian dishes of idli, dosa, vada, and so on light and weighty enough for breakfast. The snacks are ideally in the Nizam way, chomping on some delectable Hyderabadi Biryani and the meals could be a combination of food from various states which startup from the Sindhi Province, serving Punjabi Pao Bhaji’s, Bombay Visits, some Chinese and Italian food as well.

Street Foods in Hyderabad:

Here We Investigate The Best Of Hyderabad’s Road Food Recipes


These are south Indian road food produced using the ‘Dosa’ player. ‘Dosa’ is an Indian Flapjack which is extended over the ‘Dosa’ making ‘tawa’ and seared far and firm. They are served plain or alongside stuffing or potato, onion, at times cheddar, and so forth. ‘Uthapam’s’ is a heavier type of a flapjack which is made with garnishes of various sorts. They are sold alongside a curry called ‘sambar’ and ‘chutney’. We likewise see a ‘sada vada’ which is a pan fried roundabout molded, produced using a similar hitter.

Chicken Shawarma:

These are the meat of chicken stuck on an iron bar over a warming machine which continues to cook the chicken to make it sufficiently palatable. They are presented with a chapatti and are added with vegetables and mayonnaise and are incredibly scrumptious. This dish enjoys all Hyderabad non-vegans.

Pani Puri:

Pani puris are scrumptious Hyderabad road food which is accessible all over Telangana yet have various stuffings utilized. Crunchy broiled ‘puris’ are served alongside stuffed zesty potato and sharp water. Individuals stand in line and trust that their turn will snatch some of it.

Potato Bajji:

Potatoes are bubbled and blended in with flavors and fixings to make a delicious stuffing, then are leveled and formed around and around and plunged in a player of gram flour and afterward rotisserie. These are the way the delectable Alur Slashes are made.

Chicken Kebabs:

You can’t pass up a great opportunity of the kebabs in Hyderabad. It is a biriyani city, so clearly you get delicious kebabs. These are marinated chicken or meat stuffed on sticks and afterward kept to cook. They are hot and scrumptious road food in hyd city.

Paratha with Kabab:

Some delicious road food varieties are the different ‘parathas’ and ‘nan roti’s we get in Hyderabad. They are served alongside various meat planning and totally mouth-watering. The ‘paratha’ that we see underneath are known as ‘Varqi paratha’. They aren’t quite as sleek as should be expected ‘paratha’s’ are. They are presented with sheik kebab, green chutney and a little onion and lemon.

1. Hyderabadi Biriyani:

You get Hyderabadi Biriyani wherever in Hyderabad(1), from the roads to the costly cafés and the recipe doesn’t contrast. The recipe was gotten by Muslims explorers and its use in Nizam is well known to the point that it is accessible all around the city and consistently. Goat meat, marinated with flavor, is put in utensil, inside the Basmati rice and afterward it is covered and is held enduring an onslaught to cook. The kind of the meat and the flavors get consumed into the rice and gives it the scrumptious taste.


Those seem to be some delectable road nibble above. These are known as Samosa. One of the most outstanding road side food in hyd, A player of flour is made and afterward thickened. Little pieces are removed from it and afterward loaded down with cooked potato and afterward seared. In the image, we can see Samosa being sold with chutney.


Punugulu is most adored road food in Hyderabad which made of Dosa player. The hitter is made in round shapes and is broiled in the oil. These are locally extremely normal in Hyderabad. In the image beneath we can see men appreciating ‘punugulu’ with south Indian ‘chutney’.

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