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7 Stylish Hairstyles With Curtain Bangs For Round Face

Bangs are timeless and always in vogue. No matter your age, incorporating a hairstyle with bangs is a chic and sophisticated touch to your hair. From a young age, bangs have been a staple haircut in our lives, and they even seem to have different phases in our personal growth.

While many hairstyles have come and gone over the years, bangs remain a popular choice due to their versatility. However, it’s crucial to consider your face shape before opting for bangs to ensure that the style complements your features and gives you the desired look.

If you have a round face shape, curtain bangs are the ideal haircut for you. These bangs frame your face perfectly and highlight your facial features. In recent times, many women with round faces have opted for curtain bangs, and you should too.

If you’re comfortable with scissors, here’s a simple guide on how to cut your own curtain bangs at home. However, if you want to ensure that the bangs are perfectly styled, it’s always better to visit a salon. Either way, you’ll end up with the perfect curtain bangs that will complement your round face shape.

How to Cut Curtain Bangs on Round Faces?

To start, gather all of the necessary tools for a successful DIY hair cutting session. This includes a pair of sharp scissors, a rat tail comb for sectioning, a round hairbrush, a spray bottle filled with water, hair rollers, and a blow dryer. Begin by using the comb to create a straight middle part, as this will serve as the foundation for the rest of your haircut.

The shape of the part is important as it will determine how the hair falls on either side of your face. Once the part is in place, use the end of your eyebrows as a guide and section off two inches of hair from the front on both sides. The hair for the bangs should be separated in the shape of an inverted U. Remember to secure the rest of your hair with clips after each sectioning.

Gather the rest of your hair into a ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. Take a section of hair from the front to create your bangs. Moisten your hair with a spray of water. Part your bangs down the middle and use the center of your brow as a guide to separate the hair into two equal sections. Cut the hair to reach the level of your nose. Wet the hair again to ensure a clean, straight cut.

Take the longer section of bangs and bring it to the front, cutting the hair to reach your lips. Check the length once more with a spray of water. Finally, give the ends of both sides a sharp, angular cut to create a curtain-like shape, with the middle being shorter and the length gradually increasing towards the sides.

Compare the length of both sides of your hair. Pick out extra pieces on each side and trim them in a longer length, so they conform to the initial cut and create a pleasing curtain-like effect. Next, blow-dry and volumize with a round brush.

Then, comb through your hair and part it into three sections; the left, middle, and right. After, take your rollers and use them to curl your bangs. Once the desired curl is achieved, remove the rollers and adjust your bangs so they blend with the rest of your hair.

Finally, complete the look with a hairstyle that complements your newly acquired curtain bangs. With the right skill set and confidence, you can replicate this hairstyle right at home!

Cutest Round Face Curtain Bangs Hairstyles to Look Total Adorbs!

Do you have a stunningly round face? If so, try out a curtain bangs hairstyle right away! Unsure of what type of style would suit you? Don’t fret! We’ve taken the liberty of choosing the top styles only for you. Check out our preferred picks now!

Bob Hair

When considering a short hairstyle, many women have the belief that the styling possibilities are limited. But, with a bit of creativity, it’s possible to craft a look that is both sophisticated and fashionable. Take, for example, the woman in the photo who has a lovely round face.

Bob Hair

She has styled her hair into a shaggy bob with a bang at the front. This look is becoming more popular than ever due to its trendy and messy vibe, as well as its ability to highlight her facial features.

Blonde Bob

A luxurious full head of beautiful blonde hair demands an excellent style to be noticed. If you have a rounded face and shorter hair, you may opt for a bob and incorporate some bangs to the front for more definition. The photo shows that this lady had lengthy blonde hair,

Blonde Bob

which was skillfully cut into a straight bob and finished off with a curtain bang that flawlessly enhances her facial features. The previous style was not quite becoming for her face shape, whereas the present one with the bangs and bob accentuates her natural beauty.

Straight Lob

If you can’t decide between the classic bob and long hair, the lob is the perfect solution for you. This stylish haircut, which combines a bob and long hair, is now the must-have style of celebrities and influencers. You can opt for a straight cut, an asymmetrical cut, or go for the fashionable curls – whichever works best for you! The term lob is derived from ‘long bob’, giving you the perfect blend of both hairstyles. Now is the perfect time to get the look and stand out from the crowd.

Straight Lob

For those with round faces, a combination of a lob haircut and curtain bangs is the perfect way to make your face look slimmer. Furthermore, making sure your bangs are long, like the image below, will ensure the look flatters your face shape and suits the length of your lob.

Long Layered

For those who adore volume and structure, the layered cut is the perfect hairstyle. As of late, women with long hair have been embracing this look to remove heaviness. This style is certainly worth giving a go in order to stay trendy. For those with a round face, we recommend opting for the curtain bang look paired with layered locks.

Long Layered

This photo provides the ideal example, displaying how the curtain bangs beautifully cascade over the face while framing the visage. The remainder of the hair is also cut to precision – giving us reason to suggest that this style should be tried right away!

Chubby Face Bangs

It can be challenging to find the ideal hairstyle to suit a sweet round face. Every face type requires a specific cut to enhance their facial features, so why not give curtain bangs a go this time? We promise you won’t regret it! A flipped-up look can add a modern flair to the style.

Chubby Face Bangs

Take a look at this photo for reference: the lady pictured here has a lovely round face and her flipped-up bangs provide volume to highlight her features. If your face shape is similar, this could be the perfect style for you.

Straight Curtains bangs

For as long as we can remember, Selena Gomez has been a beacon of beauty and inspiration when it comes to styling a round face. It seems like almost all of us have gone through a Selena phase in our lives, marveling at the way she can make different hairstyles look graceful on her features.

Straight Curtains bangs

That’s why, when it comes to curtain bangs for round faces, we always look to Selena for a little style inspo. One of her most iconic looks includes curtain bangs paired with lovely long hair – a look that she perfected!

Upon closer inspection, we can see the bangs are styled with straight, precise cuts while the remainder of the hair has a more curly texture. This attractive combination is what has won us over and we wholeheartedly recommend trying it out!

Long Black

Long black hair is always cherished for its undeniable beauty and the range of styling options it offers. Often, ladies will simply let it hang loose, cascading gracefully down their backs. Nevertheless, with a few clever touches, this hair can be transformed into something even more extraordinary.

Long Black

For example, bangs can be added at the front for an instant transformation, while layers can be introduced for texture and interest. Ponytails and half up styles are also great for accentuating the hair’s natural length. Women with round faces should try out curtain bangs, a chic and eye-catching choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

With our conversation about hairstyles for curtain bangs on round faces and how to style one yourself, it’s natural to think we have finished up. Yet, there are still unanswered questions about this look, so let’s provide answers to the queries we most often receive about round-face curtain bangs.

Why are curtain bangs specifically suitable for round faces out of all the bangs out there?

The secret to achieving the perfect look lies in the face-framing effect. Ladies with round faces often desire to bring out the best of their facial features and that is where curtain bangs come into play. This type of hairstyle is renowned for making round faces appear slimmer and for providing definition to the face shape. Consequently, women with round faces have come to appreciate this style and wear it frequently.

Which length is suitable for curtain bangs when it comes to round faces?

For a round face shape, bangs that are longer in length can create a visually appealing and balanced look, defining your cheekbones. Consider keeping your bangs a bit longer to complement this face shape.

How often should I trim my curtain bangs?

To ensure your curtain bangs maintain their ideal look and condition, it’s advised to trim them every 5-6 weeks. Keeping a close eye on your trimming timeline will help you show off your curtain bangs with confidence, perfectly coordinating with the rest of your hairstyle.


With the many questions you have asked now having answers, it is the ideal moment to try curtain bangs for your round face! You won’t regret making the choice to attempt this hairstyle; rather, you will be thanking us for suggesting it! Curtain bangs will complement your facial features, and you will quickly appear extremely beautiful.

Therefore, if you have been deliberating about visiting the salon for a hairstyle alteration, now is the time! If you are sure you can accomplish it yourself, go for it and exhibit your perfectly trimmed curtain bangs at any event! Additionally, ensure you are using quality products, having regular trims and shielding your hair from heat, air pollution, etc. Finally, flaunt your style as if you are a celebrity, wherever you go!

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