Shah Rukh Khan- Fashion Trends, Types, Traditional, and More

Shah Rukh Khan – Fashion Trends

We have all seen how expressive Shah Rukh Khan can be on the big screen, but we may have overlooked his other talents. When it comes to style and trendsetting, however, he has been surprisingly influential. On this day when it commemorates 25 years since King Khan first graced us with his presence, let us take a look back at some of the major trends that he helped create over the course of time – starting with what he wears.

The Crisp Button-down Shirt on Shah Rukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan knows how to balance fashion with practicality. That’s why you’ll see him in button-down shirts so often; they’re comfortable yet stylish, giving off that I’m on duty vibe. Shahrukh Khan also wears solid and patterned shirts – looking great no matter what he wears them with! I would recommend you wear yours with a pair of sunglasses if you want to emulate this celebrity icon’s charismatic demeanor.

The Crisp Button-down Shirt on Shah Rukh Khan

Emulate these SRK styles and prepare for an endless amount of compliments. Get to work already! Shop now for your favorite celebrity’s clothes so you can dress just like them.

The Most Expensive and Stylish Suits

One of Bollywood’s biggest stars, Shah Rukh Khan is well-known for his laid back sense of style at airports. However, it would be unwise to think he doesn’t know how to step up his game when it comes to attending an event or party. His newest fashion investment are these slick black suits from Christian Dior which he wore at the recent film festival in Cannes. This tailored tuxedo was anything but simple; it was influenced by the brand’s 1950 collection first introduced by Christian Dior, who founded the renowned high end clothing line some 60 years ago.

Types of Great Looks of Shah Rukh Khan

The Traditional Fitness of Shah Rukh Khan

Speaking of some of the most fashionable outfits worn by SRK, there is no way to ignore his love for traditional clothing. Every time Shahrukh Khan wears a traditional kurta-pyjama with metal toned buttons on the front it looks fabulous. For inspiration here are just two out of the many different ways you could dress up your outfit, both in deep navy blue shades that compliment each other perfectly – including a pair of matching black pyjamas.

Jackets Are Always A Hit to Shah Rukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan is often seen wearing a leather jacket. It pairs nicely with fitted jeans and simple t-shirts. In the photo above, he skillfully paired his black leather jacket with a white tee shirt to complete his outfit. With just these few pieces of clothing you can create your own sophisticated ensemble!

Colour Check on Shah Rukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan isn’t often seen wearing colorful clothes. He’s usually stuck with his favorite colors like black, navy blue, or tan. In the picture he is shown to be a fan of solid colors. You can add some sophistication to your wardrobe by following Shahrukh Kahn’s polished color scheme for any occasion.

All Suited-Up by Shah Rukh Khan

Suits have always had a very special place in Shahrukh Khan’s wardrobe. When he wears this crisp, slim fit dress shirt and sleek black blazer, he is able to create a sexy appearance that leaves everyone wanting more. To finish off his look, he opted for a classic solid tie – the perfect finishing touch! Start following suit with these key pieces.

Style Moves That Made Us ‘Yes Boss’ That Made Us Give ‘Zero’ To His Stylist

It is difficult to analyze his wardrobe choices given the fact that he can make anything work for him, but when analyzing movies costumes there are both good and bad fashion choices. A simple black suit worn with an overcoat was one such example of a well-executed fashion statement; we would still wear this outfit today.

Some speculate that trend may never go out of style; while others suggest we might want to lose the tie, they are all great pieces in their own right. Perhaps it’s these reasons why people still find him stylish?

Humko Humise Churaa Lo – Mohabbatein

Those pastel turtlenecks and sweaters had made an impact on the Indian male fashion psyche more than any magazine cover. His fashion game here is top notch for the fit, cut and function of his pieces all while keeping him whimsical without looking too overbearing. And no idea why Aisha is wearing chiffon when it’s well below zero degrees out there today!

Tum se Milken Dill Ka Hai Jo Hal – Main Huon Na

Though there were some flashy elements, all of it was arranged well enough to stay true to the theme of Indian fashion.

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once considered the King of both Bollywood and branding, Khan has not been in high demand among brand marketers for a few years. His time off from acting resulted in him being out of the limelight so much that some experts think he may have come close to retiring. During this time, his visibility on television was only about 7 hours per day on average according to advertising media research company TAM.

Compare this with Shah Rukh Khan’s contemporary; who is very active in film and advertisement marketing campaigns – even though he isn’t as popular- his daily presence averages at 17 hours per day according to advertising media research company TAM.

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