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Jay Jo Haircut: How To Recreate This Twitchy Yet Laidback Look

With every passing day, anime is growing more and more popular – and it’s easy to understand why. Not only do its producers create gripping stories and electrifying combat scenes, they also set the bar in fashion, bringing life to the iconic characters from each series. Even though the visuals may appear exaggerated and even absurd, viewers can’t help but appreciate how “ideal” these characters appear in spite of their discrepancies from what is deemed “normal”.

From the inception of anime, numerous characters have emerged as exemplary figures to young people. One of these admirable personalities is Jay Jo, one of the principal characters of the South Korean animated film, “Windbreaker”. Despite rarely exhibiting emotions, Jay Jo is acknowledged for being thoughtful and excelling academically. Furthermore, he is especially fond of his family, particularly his younger brother.

The character of Jay Jo has been a beloved favorite among viewers of Windbreaker since his introduction. Although his cartoon-style figure isn’t particularly realistic, he still wears clothing akin to a typical Gen Z teenager. Furthermore, it’s not just his outfits that have earned him an impressive international fan-base – it’s also his recognizable mullet that has become iconic.

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive overview of Jay Jo’s amazing metro mullet and how you can welcome it into your life with open enthusiasm. Come along with us as we dive deep into the trend that has been gaining immense traction within and beyond the realm of anime!

Jay Jo Haircut: What is the Hairstyle Actually Called?

Popularized in the world of anime, the modern mullet – more commonly referred to as a Jay Jo haircut – features an uneven two block cut in the front, accompanied by a back reminiscent of the mullet style. Often styled in a messy way, the two block cut provides extra density. Its desirability within the anime world likely arises from its rarity compared to other common styles like the slicked back haircut.’

This cut has the sides completely shaven, which creates strong facial definition and provides a tremendous texture to the hair on top. Not only that, it is also hygienically appealing, since this contributes to one’s overall impression. Furthermore, this hairstyle consists of plentiful layers and waves, making it appropriate for a variety of hair textures and types, thus increasing its desirability.

Jay Jo Haircut Looks From Different Angle

Jay Jo Haircut Looks From Different Angle Jay Jo Haircut Looks From Different Angle Jay Jo Haircut Looks From Different Angle Jay Jo Haircut Looks From Different Angle

How to Recreate The Jay Jo Mullet: An Idiot-proof, Step-By-Step Guide

Recreating a contemporary mullet look has become easier than ever. Not only is the style’s appearance a factor in its growing popularity, but it is also highly practical. Although a hairdresser must take specific measures when creating waves and layers, Jay Jo’s haircut remains far simpler in comparison to those of other animated characters, whose looks tend to be impractical and disconnected from reality.

Achieving this look is effortless and comes without any downside. To unlock it prior to your next salon visit, just follow these straightforward steps!

Grow Your Hair Out

To successfully recreate this haircut, your hair should be at least 5-6 inches long. If you want the hairdresser to have the best chance of delivering the desired outcome, it is recommended to have the hair slightly longer than the original length so that there is some wiggle room.

Shave Off the Sides

After you’ve let your hair grow to a length that can be styled, gather your belongings and head to the barbershop! Make sure you ask the barber to tidy up the edges around the ears and sides before trimming to produce a uniform pattern. This allows them to shave the sides symmetrically, so that you get a precise haircut.

Improvise with The Length

Rather than copying Jay Jo’s mullet precisely, you are free to make alterations to the length as you desire. Take into consideration the structure of your face, the texture of your hair, and your personal appearance to determine the optimal size. The front could be left a bit longer to frame your face, or you could cut it a bit shorter to make your hair appear fuller.

Free Form Razor Technique

An expert use of a free form razor will lend the bangs an edgy and natural feel. Layering the strands in a messy manner will amplify the authentic vibe of the cut. When replicating Jay Jo’s hairdo, this approach will aid in attaining a similar appearance. Don’t forget to instruct your stylist to use this method to the back of the mullet to maintain the overall shape of the style.

The Twin Comb Technique

The barber can monitor the length and form of the cut with this technique. Moreover, the top of one’s head will have a lot of volume as the double comb approach typically provides with the assistance of the hair on the sides. Furthermore, you can style the hair in a more disheveled pattern without reducing the fullness of the hairdo.

Finish the look with some pomade

After your haircut is complete, finish it off with a styling pomade. Water-based pomades can add a light shine, whereas an oil-based option can provide a polished finish and aid in rehydrating the tips of your hair. The razor-blading used for free-form haircuts can be tough on the ends of your hair, so replenishing them with a nourishing pomade is essential for proper recovery.

Jay Jo Haircut In Real Life

Jay Jo Haircut In Real Life Jay Jo Haircut In Real Life Jay Jo Haircut In Real Life Jay Jo Haircut In Real Life

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand how important your hair is to you, and so do we. To prove this, we have researched multiple questions you might have about this timeless cut, along with their respective answers. Here is what we found.

Who can recreate Jay Jo’s haircut?

No complicated methods are needed to recreate this style – a bit of patience for hair growth is the only pre-requisite! Everyone has the ability to sport the iconic mullet and show it off confidently.

Why is Jay Jo’s mullet so popular?

This hairstyle not only looks neat, but it also gives the impression of youthfulness. Additionally, it communicates to those around the wearer that they value taking care of their personal appearance. This creates a more positive first impression and fosters a sense of respectability in the eyes of other people, which ultimately makes it a favorable choice.

What is a two block haircut?

A two block haircut is characterized by close trimming of the sides of the head, combined with substantial length in the front and back. It is incredibly flexible, as it allows people to try out popular hairstyles, such as the mullet and the curtain look.

Jay Jo Anime Cosplay Looks

Jay Jo Anime Cosplay Looks Jay Jo Anime Cosplay Looks Jay Jo Anime Cosplay Looks Jay Jo Anime Cosplay Looks


Ultimately, Jay Jo’s haircut is so effortlessly stunning that there is no need to worry if you are unsure of the look. With its precise level of texture and fullness, this cut can draw every eye in the room. Not only will it emphasize your cheekbones and refine your jawline, but also will make you look more youthful. Those are only a few of the numerous perks that come with this incredible style.

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