Top 10 Hot Looking Female Tennis Players Right Now 2022

Tennis has become one of the most popular sports in recent decades with plenty of people following matches around the globe. These female tennis players are known for not only their skills but also appearance which is often admired by many due to their talent, strength and victories. As we all know, once you enter the realm of fashion and glamour you can’t just walk away unscathed and this is just as true for celebrity athletes – namely those who participate in high profile global sporting events such as the Olympics or Wimbledon. To prove this point, here are some pictures (provided below) showing off some of these sexy women on court!

Let us check out the hottest female tennis players in the world today.

10 World’s Hottest Female Tennis Players Pics 2022:

Now, we will take a look at the glamorous women of the world of Tennis. Here are some lists ranking the most beautiful female tennis players ever.

1. Maria Sharapova:

Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova is a professional Russian tennis player who has amassed many accomplishments over the years, including career Grand Slam titles and an Olympic medal. Unlike other top players of her time who specialize in either clay or hard court games, she’s shown proficiency at both surfaces while holding a formidable lead at Women’s Singles rankings by WTA. Alongside her athletic achievements, Maria is known for her luxurious lifestyle and appearance; being featured as an endorser for many prestigious products such as Canon cameras, Nike clothing line, Prince shoes and jewelry, Kia Motors and Avon cosmetics. However not only does she attract fame outside of tennis- she attracts it within too; boasting herself on worldwide billboards. Indeed all these traits together comprise the life of this celebrity: glamorous and impeccable from head to toe inside and out with no wrong moves made along the way.

2. Anna Kournikova:

Anna Kournikova

Anna Kournikova, who retired from tennis this year, is among the most accomplished players of all time and still commands huge international fame. As well as her world ranking successes and winning accolades – Anna has also undertaken multiple modelling assignments with both print and TV media in recent years – becoming one of the most recognised female sports stars around the world. Her glamorous appearance combined with her fashionable sense of style make Anna a regular feature in magazine covers worldwide – even featuring on the cover of Spanish Vogue’s October edition this year alongside Lady Gaga! Though she retired from professional sport this year, it will still be exciting to see what projects she gets up to outside of Tennis soon!

3. Ana Ivanovic:

Ana Ivanovic

Ana Ivanovic is a well known tennis star who hails from Serbia. At one point she was the top ranked women’s singles player in the WTA rankings, and has won over 15 tour titles with grand slams included. Her most admirable trait is her aggressive playing style and determination which sets her apart from others players within the sport. Ana also possesses an exotic yet glamorous look which allows for many opportunities of endorsement deals – this being just one example of how successful she truly is.

4. Eugenie Bouchard:

Eugenie Bouchard

Eugenie is a young up-and-coming tennis star from Canada who has received many awards in just the last few years. She’s one of very few Canadians to ever participate in Grand Slam tournaments and was hailed as being one of the hottest players around. Whether it’s through her skills or what she wears, Eugenie knows how to make an entrance – which is why many people believe she will take over Maria Sharapova as a dominant force in women’s tennis.

5. Sania Mirza:

Sania Mirza

As an Indian Tennis Star and Beauty, Sania Mirza’s talent shines in every match she plays. Though retired from professional Tennis since 2013, she will continue to be remembered as one of India’s greatest players ever. Winning multiple grand slam tournaments including the Australian Open doubles event, her skills were unmatched by anyone else on the court during her time playing professionally. Her considerable stamina, speed and strength would blow spectators away who were lucky enough to witness it firsthand at matches she attended. With a look that everyone desired after her marriage with Pakistani Cricket Player Shoaib Malik in 2010–often said to embody both beauty and grace–Sania embodies what it means to fight for something you want before eventually achieving success.

6. Ashley Harkleroad:

Ashley Harkleroad

Ashley Harkleroad is one of the most famous American Tennis Players, as well as a Fashion Diva. In a world where everyone notices her beauty first and foremost, she commands attention wherever she goes. Her care for appearance shines through in both her leisurely life at home and when playing on the courts. Her style is so exquisite that people look forward to seeing what she’ll wear next on a match day – whether it will contrast or compliment her opponent – because they know it will be jaw-droppingly gorgeous no matter what!

7. Dominika Cibulkova:

Dominika Cibulkova

Dominika Cibulkova, a now retired Slovakian professional tennis player, played an aggressive and fast style of play which helped her rack up many wins. Some major achievements include 8 WTA Tour Titles and 2 ITF Circuit Titles. While she never reached the Top Ten rankings on the ATP Rankings list, she was one of those select few with their names plastered across signs at tournaments. Add to that her excellent fashion sense and you’re looking at someone who knows how to make a statement.

8. Maria Kirilenko:

Maria Kirilenko

Maria Kirilenko is a Russian-born professional tennis player who achieved success during her singles and doubles tournament careers. She was ranked tenth at one point in the Women’s Tennis Association rankings, but she became best known for her doubles games. In 2009 she appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine’s swimsuit edition and was featured in other esteemed publications such as Vogue Italia. In addition to this work, Maria has been part of many modelling assignments; she is praised around the world for having amazing standards when it comes to beautiful physical appearance – which makes her one of the top female tennis players ever!

9. Caroline Wozniacki:

Caroline Wozniacki

Among the top ranked players in the world, it is impossible to ignore the talent and commanding personality of Danish Tennis Player Caroline Wozniacki. Famous for her skill on court as well as an unsurpassed mastery over character building and physical appearance; she has proven herself to be a force not only on the tennis court but off too. The remarkable composure she carries during play especially sets her apart from all other women athletes in today’s games – showing prowess not only in sport but also life. It’s no surprise that this amazing woman was awarded Sportsperson of the Year award!

10. Daniela Hantuchova:

Daniela Hantuchova

One of the most successful female tennis players in recent years, the Slovakian-born Daniela Hantuchova, has been able to beat top ranked opponents using her unconventional shots. One example was when she took home her first WTA Championship at Indiana Wells in 2001. In addition to an impressive career record of 500 wins, Daniela also earns attention from fans with her exquisitely sexy body and beautiful face. The combination of her long blond hair and striking blue eyes ensure that no one can forget about Daniela for too long.

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