Drishyam China Box Office Day 15: Collects 130k USD; Lifetime at end of Week 2 stands at 2.03 mil. USD [Rs. 15.56 cr.]

The Indian Movie, Drishyam starring Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgan was released 15 days ago at the Chinese Box Office. Beginning with a slow start, the movie had trouble gaining traction but after Day 14 it has drawn in $1.3 million dollars more than it started out with, taking its total earnings to $2.07 million dollars. This is much lower than all other Bollywood movies which were received well by Chinese audiences because they were not hampered by government restrictions on travel when there was an outbreak of deadly virus Covid-19.

Going forward, the business of the film at the Chinese box office is not really expected to see much growth. Trade predictions state that even though Drishyam will continue to make profits for some time yet, it won’t see an increase in its production output as well.

Drishyam Day wise collections at China Box Office
Day 1 (Thu) – 30,000 USD
Day 2 (Fri) -110,000 USD
Day 3 (Sat) – 220,000 USD
Day 4 (Sun) – 170,000 USD
Day 5 (Mon) – 110,000 USD
Day 6 (Tue)- 120,000 USD
Day 7 (Wed) – 120,000 USD
Day 8 (Thu) – 130,000 USD
Day 9 (Fri) – 130,000 USD
Day 10 (Sat) – 270,000 USD
Day 11 (Sun) – 170,000 USD
Day 12 (Mon) – 120,000 USD
Day 13 (Tue) – 110,000 USD
Day 14 (Wed) – 120,000 USD
Day 15 (Thu) – 130,000 USD

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