The Body Box Office Collections: The Emraan Hashmi and Rishi Kapoor starrer is seeing very less footfalls

There wasn’t much going for this movie as the ticket sales were surprisingly low. Only Rs. 0.75 crores more came in and that’s only about 50% increase over Friday’s ticket sales of around Rs. 0.5 crores which is still relatively poor compared to the other four movies released this week which each had a higher profit than this one did; even while they were worse movies according to critics (not my opinion).

As could be seen from the fact that Panipat, a film that was rejected by many audiences has now risen to an amount of 1.26 Crores rupees while The Body which had no audience at all is still lower than this at 0.69 Rupees

The film has collected barely Rs. 1.25 crores so far, but it is anticipated that the number will increase to at least Rs. 2 crores by the end of this weekend–despite disappointingly poor reviews from critics. The director claims he purposefully made the movie to be different than other popular Hindi films remakes such as Badla based off of a story penned by Elisabeth Harguindey, which had been well-received earlier this year.

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