10 Modern Bedroom Wardrobe Designs With Pictures In 2022

Prior to the rise of bedroom furniture, people relied on large cabinets for storing their various belongings. Nowadays however, wardrobes are much more popular due to the rise in changes seen within bedroom interiors. These additions can provide an attractive centerpiece to even a small bed-chamber. Modern Designs offer a wide range of options when selecting your new wardrobe. From designer bedrooms with sophisticated cabinetry to sleek modern closets and storage – one size does not fit all when it comes to what type of Wardrobe is right for you!

What To Consider When Buying A Bedroom Wardrobe?

Designing a bedroom wardrobe can be difficult to do, especially if you’re not sure what type of room you want or what kind of style will suit it best. With all this in mind, here are some ideas that may help make things easier for those who want to change up their space but aren’t sure where to start.

  • Before purchasing a new wardrobe, measure the space you will use it in so you can make sure it will fit appropriately. Calculate how many drawers are needed for your clothes so that there is enough space to store them without being too cramped.
  • If you are going to have a wider room, it is important to pick the right design of bedroom wardrobe.
  • When choosing bedding, it’s important to consider both the materials and colors of your bedroom furniture in order to achieve a cohesive bedroom design.
  • If you’re considering getting a new wardrobe for your bedroom, take a peek at these top 10 bedroom wardrobe images so you can make the best decision.

Best Bedroom Wardrobe Designs In India:

Here are ten of the newest and easiest bedroom furniture designs for you to choose from. Look through these amazing options for your own room!

1. Contemporary Bedroom Wardrobes:

This customized set of wardrobes features an old-fashioned yet modern design, making them perfect for adding a sophisticated vibe to your bedroom. Along with having plenty of storage space inside these wardrobes, they also offer you a sleek look without needing to invest in anything else but these bedroom furniture sets.

Contemporary Bedroom Wardrobes

Primary Material: Engineered Wood.
Finish: Wenge Finish.
Brand: Home Town.
Style: Contemporary.
Dimensions : 72 x 62 x 19inches.
Weight : 149kg.
Colour: Wenge.
Room Type: Bedroom.
Doors: 4 doors.
Warranty: 12 months.
No. of Shelves: NA.
No. of Drawers: 6 drawers.

2. Portable Bedroom Closet:

Want to find a closet design that is easy enough to move around without any problems? Look no further than a movable wardrobe-room setup. With multiple drawers and an adaptable DIY kit, this bedroom with furniture is usually chosen for children’s bedrooms.

Portable Bedroom Closet

Primary Material: Plastic.
Finish: NA.
Brand: House of Quirk.
Style: Portable Closet.
Dimensions : 40 x 35 x 15cm.
Weight : 4kg.
Colour: Translucent.
Room Type: Bedroom.
Doors: 8 doors.
Warranty: NA.
No. of Shelves: 8 shelves.
No. of Drawers: 5 drawers.

3. Single Door Bedroom Wardrobe:

Looking for wardrobes for small bedrooms? This single door wardrobe offers plenty of space for someone living alone and who has a love for high-quality design. The mirror on the front makes it perfect for someone looking to see themselves from head to toe in one go without having to step out of their room too much.

Single Door Bedroom Wardrobe

Primary Material: Engineered Wood.
Finish: Wenge.
Brand: Spacewood.
Style: Single door wardrobe for a small bedroom.
Dimensions : 74.8 x 23.8 x 17.7inches.
Weight : 60kg.
Colour: Brown.
Room Type: Small bedroom.
Doors: 1 door.
Warranty: 36 months.
No. of Shelves : 3 shelves.
No. of Drawers: NA.

4. Sliding Bedroom Wardrobe:

Want to make your bedroom look even more luxurious? Check out these designs for the best 2 door sliding wardrobes which are great for giving an elegant feel to any room. These designs work well in big spaces where there is lots of room to maneuver around.

Sliding Bedroom Wardrobe

Primary Material: Pre-Laminated Particle Board.
Finish: Laminate Matt.
Brand: Primorati.
Style: Sliding door wardrobe.
Dimensions : 95 x 71 x 24inches.
Weight: NA.
Colour: Classic Walnut.
Room Type: Master bedroom.
Doors: 2 Doors.
Warranty: 5 years.
No. of Shelves: 9 shelves.
No. of Drawers:9 drawers.

5. Hinge Door Bedroom Wardrobe:

When you purchase a customized wall wardrobe design for your bedroom, you are adding on to the area of space in the room. There are plenty of internal fittings and configurations that can be done with this style of furniture; it’s made with high-quality materials and German hardware which provides stability. This wardrobe option is popular because it maximizes what little storage space there is left in an otherwise cluttered home or office.

Hinge Door Bedroom Wardrobe

Primary Material: MDF.
Finish: Foil Membrane.
Brand: Primorati.
Style: full wall bedroom wardrobe.
Dimensions : 108 x 72 x 24inches.
Weight: NA.
Colour: African Walnut.
Room Type: Small Bedroom.
Doors: 4 Doors.
Warranty: 5 years.
No. of Shelves:21 shelves.
No. of Drawers: 5 drawers.

6. Three Door L-Shaped Bedroom Wardrobe:

Are you looking for the perfect representation of what your child’s bedroom looks like? This L-shaped wardrobe will give you a clear idea of what lies inside because it was designed to suit the needs of children. The space within is enough for storing anything from clothing or toys, without compromising on safety!

hree Door L-Shaped Bedroom Wardrobe

Primary Material: Engineered Wood.
Finish: White finish.
Brand: Mollycoddle.
Style: L-Shaped Wardrobe.
Dimensions : 71 x 36 x 19inches.
Weight : 52kg.
Colour: White.
Room Type: Kids Bedroom.
Doors : 3 Doors.
Warranty: 12 months.
No. of Shelves: 5 shelves.
No. of Drawers: 2 drawers.

7. Multipurpose Twin Bedroom Wardrobe:

Does your teen need a wardrobe with multi-purpose features? This style of bedroom furniture design has grown increasingly popular among the youth, which allows them to store all sorts of clothing and items. With this sort of wall wardrobe design in mind, they won’t just be able to store clothes – there are other open shelving sections for storage too.

Multipurpose Twin Bedroom Wardrobe

Primary Material: Engineered Wood.
Finish: Polished metal.
Brand: Spacewood.
Style: Twin Wardrobe.
Dimensions: 79.9 x 63.2 x 177inches.
Weight: 145kg.
Colour: Light Brown.
Room Type: Teen Bedroom.
Doors: 2 doors.
Warranty: 36 months.
No. of Shelves: 6 shelves.
No. of Drawers: 2 drawers.

8. Bedroom Wardrobe With Dresser:

Perfect for couples who need at least two bedrooms, these new wardrobes designed specifically for bedrooms are quite popular lately. The black bedroom wardrobe design offers an easy way to create extra space by adding a dressing table- which is needed when it comes to having a collection of clothes. Add this in with the black bedroom dresser set and you’ll find it matches nicely!

Bedroom Wardrobe With Dresser

Primary Material: Pre-Laminated Particle Board.
Finish: Laminate Matt.
Brand: Primorati.
Style: Wardrobe with Dresser.
Dimensions: 83 x 78 x 24inches.
Weight: NA.
Colour: Country Dark Oak.
Room Type: Couple Master Bedroom.
Doors : 3 doors.
Warranty: 5 years.
No. of Shelves: NA.
No. of Drawers: 6 drawers.

9. Designer Bedroom Wardrobe:

A sleek design that is strikingly unique, an alluring color scheme of black and white, these are some of the traits of many modern wardrosbes. Sliding doors make it easy to access the ample storage available inside the bedroom wardrobe with ease. The smooth feel of wood against my fingers is mesmerizing when I slide them along the surface of my new closet – its glossy finish only makes me want to stay there longer.

Designer Bedroom Wardrobe

Primary Material: Engineered Wood.
Finish: Pearl finishing.
Brand: Parin.
Style: Designer wardrobe.
Dimensions: 82 x 31 x 23inches.
Weight: 99kg.
Colour: white with black prints.
Room Type: Small Bedroom.
Doors: 2 doors.
Warranty: 12 months.
No. of Shelves: NA.
No. of Drawers: NA.

10. Classic Mirror Bedroom Wardrobe:

This classic design of wardrobe interior designs for bedroom has given the room an antiquated charm. A modern twist made from reclaimed wood, this single person cabinet comes with just enough storage space and styled in such a way that it looks handcrafted. Crafted out of eco-friendly materials, these furniture sets will last well over time.

Classic Mirror Bedroom Wardrobe

Primary Material: Mango Wood.
Finish: Solid Wood.
Brand: Bohemiana.
Style: Classic mirror wardrobe.
Dimensions: 72 x 47 x 16inches.
Weight: 48kg.
Colour: Blue.
Room Type: Small room.
Doors: 2 doors.
Warranty: 36 months.
No. of Shelves : 3 shelves.
No. of Drawers: NA.

Large bedroom wardrobes are an antiquated decoration feature. Nowadays, many people opt for corner cabinets or smaller, more affordable closets and wardrobes when designing their bedrooms. There is a great range of colors to choose from when decorating with these pieces – some old-fashioned while others contemporary– so the decision process can often be difficult.

Additionally, there are beds available that include wardrobe cabinets; this style has become popular recently with couples wanting to create new bedroom décor styles. It’s worth checking out what furniture stores have on offer before making any decisions about your new bedroom layout so you’ll know exactly what will work best in terms of size and color!

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