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Andhra Food: 9 Special Telugu Recipes You Must Try

Do you like zesty food? Then you need to attempt Andhra food in light of the fact that Andhra food recipes are perceived for its zesty taste. The Andhra food arrangement is rich in flavors. Some of the well known Andhra cooking styles contain Biryani, chutneys, sweets and pickles.

9 Classic Rayalaseema and Coastal Andhra Food Recipes Ever:

You can get veggie lover along with non-vegan food in Andhra food.

Masala Pakodi:

Blend besan powder in any case sanaga Pindi, ginger garlic glue, oil, green chillies pieces, jeera, and oil for profound fry and 1big onion long pieces.
Make a smooth hitter and intensity the oil in container and make little Pakories and profound fry them in low intensity.
Serve hot with green chutney or curd.

Boorelu (Deep Fried Sweet Dumplings):

This is a series of rice flour puffy with coconut in addition to chana dal.
Grind the drenched urad dal in addition to rice to make a fine glue including adequate water to make a wide player.
Go to age the entire night in a hot spot. Heat up the channa in water.
Blend the sugar in addition to coconut to the dal and broil on a low fire until the combination is thick.
Adding cardamom powder squash and make little ball from them. Coat them in hitter.
Profound fry dumplings until brilliant in addition to serve up warm.

Gutti Vankaya Kura:

This is a standard brinjal curry.
Sear cardamoms, cloves and dal chini and blend green chillies, cumin, garlic and mustard seeds, slashed onions, curry leaves, turmeric, and adding tomato cook for 2 min.
Put in the red bean stew powder, cumin powder, coriander powder and coconut glue. Then adding salt cook it till gets dry consistency.
Blend a few tamarind evacuation and water. Then, at that point, add broiled brinjals.
Permit it to bubble for 5-7 minutes till the sauce turns out to be thick.

Peanuts Podi or Chutney:

Mix in blender dry meal cumin seeds, peanuts coriander seeds, peanuts, Garlic cloves, bean stew powder salt and make a coarse powder.
Stock up the nut powder in a fixed holder. Dish up it close by with ghee in addition to hot rice in any case chapati.

Vermicelli Uttapam:

Bubble cooked vermicelli for 2 min.
Blend regular flour, baking powder, sooji rava, and curd to make uttapam hitter.
Pour this hitter on a hot container with some oil. On the top put finely cleave onions, coriander leaves, carrot, green chillies, and cook on low fire.
Divert and broil from the two sides.

Crispy Bendakaya Recipe:

Dry intensity the jeera, peanuts, dhania, chana dal in addition to red chillies and pulverize them commonly.
Mix in the squashed garlic, coconut in addition to salt.
Profound fry the bhindi as well as residue the masala over it.
Consolidate well and dish up hot.

Pesarattu Recipe:

This is a dosa like planning nearby to Andhra Pradesh. It is ready with green grams consumed as a nibble in any case a morning meal feast.
Channel the doused moong dal and rice combination and smash generally. Consolidate in the chillies, onions salt and coriander to make the player.
Continue making like dosas, so heat frying pan, splattering a few water over it and immediately spill some player in addition to dispersing out.
Place oil overall around in addition to a smidgen on top. Dish up through coconut chutney.

Andhra Pepper Chicken:

Pickle the chicken drumsticks by turmeric, green bean stew glue, salt ginger garlic glue in addition to lemon juice.
Sear cumin seeds, onions, curry leaves, squashed pepper, and coriander leaves for 2 minutes.
Put in marinated chicken with some water with blending cook for 15minutes.
Dust slashed coriander leaves and bubble for 2 minutes.

Gongura Mamsam:

Heat up the meat with turmeric powder, ginger garlic glue, in addition to salt.
Broil cloves, cumin seeds, cardamoms in addition to slashed onions, ginger garlic glue, red stew powder, gongura leaves, coriander powder, bubbled meat, water and salt.
Consolidate well and cook for 5 minutes.

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