Massachusetts (MA), USA is covered by Area Code 915, and some of the main cities are Boston, Newton, Somerville, .. (see below for city lists).

The area code 915 was introduced on 02 May 2001 and is part of the overlay complex 617/915 (being overlays for the same geographic area).

In the Eastern Time zone, the current time is 01:07:55 PM (Eastern).

915 Area Code Phone Lookup


Map of area code 915

Nearby to the 915 Area Codes

you’re probably always looking location map, cities, time zone, overlay codes, reverse phone lookup and related info. Well, one easy way to do that is by knowing your nearby area codes. That way, you don’t have to fumble through your phone’s keypad each time you want to make a call. Plus, it can come in handy when trying to find out where someone is calling from. So without further ado, here are the area codes for some of the most popular U.S. cities!

List of 915-NXX Prefixes and Corresponding Locations

We all know our location by its name and zip code, but do you know your city’s postal prefix? Chances are, unless you work for the post office or are extremely interested in the subject matter, you don’t. But prefixes play a critical role in how mail is sorted and delivered, so it’s important to be aware of them. This blog post will take a closer look at what prefixes are and their corresponding locations. Stay tuned!

Are you curious about the prefixes and corresponding locations of the area code 915? This infographic is a great place to start. It provides an overview of 915 area code, including its name, prefixes and date. The infographic also incl

NPANXXArea servedDate
915-200El Paso
915-201El Paso12/11/2012
915-202El Paso11/30/2006
915-203El Paso
915-204El Paso
915-205Sierra Blanca2/11/2003
915-206El Paso3/4/2013
915-208El Paso9/5/2007
915-212El Paso3/12/2013
915-213El Paso3/4/2014
915-215El Paso6/8/2012
915-216El Paso12/24/2012
915-217El Paso
915-218El Paso9/9/2013
915-219El Paso2/20/2007
915-220El Paso
915-222El Paso
915-224El Paso12/15/2004
915-225El Paso
915-226El Paso12/16/2008
915-227El Paso1/28/2002
915-228El Paso8/5/2013
915-229El Paso7/22/2014
915-230El Paso6/3/2011
915-231El Paso
915-232El Paso12/20/2017
915-234El Paso7/23/2009
915-235El Paso11/21/2008
915-236El Paso6/3/2011
915-238El Paso11/2/2006
915-239El Paso1/2/2008
915-240El Paso
915-241El Paso
915-242El Paso3/23/2005
915-244El Paso7/20/2011
915-245El Paso7/20/2011
915-246El Paso8/15/2014
915-247El Paso7/16/2010
915-248El Paso1/4/2010
915-249El Paso9/14/2010
915-250El Paso3/13/2018
915-251El Paso7/28/2014
915-252El Paso
915-253El Paso
915-255El Paso3/15/2010
915-256El Paso
915-257El Paso
915-258El Paso3/17/2010
915-259El Paso4/29/2016
915-260El Paso6/6/2014
915-261El Paso
915-262El Paso9/23/2014
915-263El Paso12/29/2016
915-264El Paso3/14/2018
915-265El Paso12/2/2019
915-266El Paso9/28/2020
915-268El Paso6/8/2020
915-269El Paso8/7/2001
915-270El Paso8/19/2014
915-271El Paso
915-272El Paso1/11/2021
915-273El Paso3/9/2021
915-274El Paso
915-275El Paso
915-276El Paso
915-278Sierra Blanca7/6/2021
915-279El Paso8/20/2021
915-282El Paso3/17/2010
915-283El Paso9/2/2016
915-287El Paso
915-289El Paso9/28/2021
915-291El Paso10/12/2021
915-292El Paso8/24/2021
915-298El Paso
915-300El Paso8/27/2015
915-301El Paso9/25/2014
915-303El Paso12/19/2014
915-304El Paso11/14/2014
915-305El Paso11/3/2014
915-307El Paso10/24/2003
915-308El Paso11/17/2014
915-309El Paso7/11/2001
915-313El Paso
915-315El Paso8/25/2015
915-316El Paso8/27/2015
915-317El Paso2/28/2006
915-319El Paso6/19/2007
915-320El Paso7/13/2016
915-328El Paso
915-329El Paso
915-330El Paso7/29/2016
915-331El Paso11/17/2016
915-333Fort Hancock3/4/2005
915-342El Paso
915-345El Paso4/11/2005
915-346El Paso
915-348El Paso8/14/2020
915-351El Paso
915-352El Paso1/13/2016
915-355El Paso
915-356El Paso8/22/2006
915-369Sierra Blanca
915-373El Paso
915-383El Paso
915-400El Paso11/24/2010
915-401El Paso1/25/2008
915-407El Paso2/20/2008
915-408El Paso3/18/2008
915-412El Paso5/4/2007
915-422El Paso
915-433El Paso
915-434El Paso
915-435El Paso
915-443El Paso1/16/2002
915-444El Paso3/1/2017
915-449El Paso
915-455El Paso5/17/2021
915-465El Paso7/2/2020
915-471El Paso
915-472El Paso
915-474El Paso
915-478El Paso
915-479El Paso
915-485El Paso
915-487El Paso
915-490El Paso
915-491El Paso
915-493El Paso
915-494El Paso
915-496El Paso
915-497El Paso
915-499El Paso9/7/2021
915-500El Paso11/24/2010
915-502El Paso4/3/2008
915-503El Paso2/13/2008
915-504El Paso3/26/2008
915-505El Paso4/12/2021
915-516El Paso9/7/2018
915-519El Paso12/13/2012
915-521El Paso
915-525El Paso
915-526El Paso
915-529El Paso5/23/2019
915-532El Paso
915-533El Paso
915-534El Paso
915-538El Paso
915-539El Paso
915-540El Paso
915-541El Paso
915-542El Paso
915-543El Paso
915-544El Paso
915-545El Paso
915-546El Paso
915-549El Paso
915-562El Paso
915-564El Paso
915-565El Paso
915-566El Paso
915-568El Paso
915-569El Paso
915-577El Paso
915-578El Paso
915-579El Paso
915-581El Paso
915-584El Paso
915-585El Paso
915-587El Paso
915-588El Paso
915-590El Paso
915-591El Paso
915-592El Paso
915-593El Paso
915-594El Paso
915-595El Paso
915-598El Paso
915-599El Paso
915-600El Paso2/22/2011
915-603El Paso5/8/2006
915-612El Paso
915-613El Paso6/13/2002
915-615El Paso
915-621El Paso
915-626El Paso
915-629El Paso
915-630El Paso
915-633El Paso
915-637El Paso
915-663El Paso
915-667El Paso3/20/2006
915-678El Paso
915-679El Paso
915-680El Paso
915-691El Paso5/23/2006
915-694El Paso10/4/2005
915-701El Paso11/11/2013
915-702El Paso2/9/2015
915-704El Paso3/28/2014
915-706El Paso4/9/2015
915-710El Paso10/25/2019
915-724El Paso
915-726El Paso
915-727El Paso
915-730El Paso
915-731El Paso
915-740El Paso
915-741El Paso9/30/2010
915-742El Paso9/29/2010
915-744El Paso
915-745El Paso
915-747El Paso
915-751El Paso
915-755El Paso
915-757El Paso
915-759El Paso
915-760El Paso
915-769Fort Hancock
915-771El Paso
915-772El Paso
915-773El Paso10/25/2004
915-774El Paso
915-775El Paso
915-777El Paso2/16/2012
915-778El Paso
915-779El Paso
915-780El Paso
915-781El Paso
915-782El Paso
915-783El Paso
915-787El Paso6/10/2002
915-790El Paso
915-791El Paso
915-799El Paso
915-800El Paso11/2/2017
915-801El Paso11/25/2014
915-803El Paso10/25/2013
915-808El Paso
915-820El Paso
915-821El Paso
915-822El Paso
915-828Guad Peak
915-831El Paso
915-832El Paso
915-833El Paso
915-834El Paso
915-838El Paso3/7/2001
915-841El Paso
915-842El Paso
915-843El Paso
915-845El Paso
915-849El Paso
915-850El Paso3/6/2002
915-852El Paso
915-855El Paso
915-856El Paso
915-857El Paso
915-858El Paso
915-859El Paso
915-860El Paso
915-861El Paso9/10/2001
915-867El Paso
915-872El Paso
915-873El Paso
915-875El Paso
915-880El Paso
915-881El Paso
915-887El Paso
915-888El Paso8/24/2015
915-892El Paso2/8/2001
915-895El Paso3/26/2021
915-900Fort Hancock5/23/2019
915-910El Paso12/8/2020
915-920El Paso
915-921El Paso
915-922El Paso
915-926El Paso10/22/2001
915-929El Paso6/19/2007
915-937El Paso6/25/2001
915-944Fort Hancock11/30/2020
915-955El Paso3/3/2021
915-964Dell City
915-975El Paso1/9/2003
915-979El Paso
915-983El Paso
915-984El Paso
915-986Mile High
915-988Desert Haven
915-990El Paso11/25/2003
915-995El Paso3/9/2018
915-996El Paso5/14/2002
915-999El Paso3/29/2007
  1. Numbering Plan Areas (area codes) are NPAs, while central office codes are NXXs.
  2. A rate center is a geographic area used to determine local calling boundaries in the North American Numbering Plan. Its name is generally a locality, often not the only one served by an NPA-NXX combination.
  3. The date of the assignment. Exchange codes assigned prior to 2001 don’t have an assigned date.

List of Cities in Area Code 915

Looking to find out what cities are in your area code 915? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together a comprehensive list of major cities and their corresponding area codes. Whether you’re looking to relocate or just curious, you’ll be able to find what you need here.

So without further ado, let’s get started! We’ve compiled a list of every city in the 915 area code with the corresponding phone number. We hope you find this information helpful!

AnthonyEl PasoM
CanutilloEl PasoM
ClintEl PasoM
Dell CityHudspethM
El PasoEl PasoM
FabensEl PasoM
Fort HancockHudspethM
Salt FlatHudspethM
San ElizarioEl PasoM
Sierra BlancaHudspethM
TornilloEl PasoM
Van HornCulbersonC
  1. Area code 915 is served mostly, but not always, by the places listed above. If there is more than one place with the same name in the same state, we list only the one with the largest population. Cities with populations over 50,000 will be bolded.
  2. The current time is 01:07:55 PM Eastern Time.