Why was Eminems YouTube hacked?

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  1. In straightforward terms I’ll put forth a valiant effort to make sense of how much youtubers are paid and how much a youtuber would make generally in a month(this is just from Ads).

    It’s fundamentally similar to having adverts on your site or a site, the main contrast is that the adverts are recordings and not simply text, pictures or gifs (rehashing brief video).

  2. In the event that you have at any point watched the film 8 Mile it closes in an amazing rap fight between white garbage B-Rabbit (Eminem) versus the best fight rapper in Detroit. Bunny goes first and on second thought of expressing anything about his rival he raps about himself and hurls all misuses imaginable his own particular manner. He finishes by expressing something as per “tell these individuals something they have barely any insight into me.” And since Rabbit dissed himself so terrible his rival had nothing passed on to dis and he lost.

    In actuality, Eminem has gone through many years offending himself; so there’s nothing anybody can say regarding him that he hasn’t proactively said about himself. In this manner it would be an exercise in futility to dis him, since anything worth dissing you would simply be citing Eminem verses back at him.

    For the record MGK is a major rapper. I expect this post was hinting he isn’t, yet when your total assets is in the large numbers you most certainly made it regardless of whether you’re not an easily recognized name.