Which is correct still in bed or still on bed?

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  1. They were somewhat of a contrivance. I had one for some time. The huge drawbacks were a) you skipped your accomplice at whatever point you turned over; b) they must be depleted to be moved, on the grounds that they were tremendously weighty; c) they polished off power constantly on the grounds that the water must be warmed. That much water wouldn’t warm up rapidly, by the same token. You couldn’t simply turn the radiator on thirty minutes before bed. So you needed to keep it on.

  2. They were kind of a gimmick. I had one for a while. The big downsides were a) you bounced your partner whenever you rolled over; b) they had to be drained to be moved, because they were enormously heavy; c) they consumed power all the time because the water had to be heated. That much water wouldn’t heat up quickly, either. You couldn’t just turn the heater on half an hour before bed. So you had to keep it on.