When did Naruto become Chunin and Jonin?

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  1. The circumstances behind this are a bit silly, but there basically was no need for him to prove himself as he was the most powerful shinobi alive after the 4th Shinobi World War. In one of the series’ side stories, he entered the chūnin exam after the war and agreed to avoid using many of his special abilities and modes to give everyone a somewhat-level playing field. And he was disqualified from that exam when he instinctively used Sage Mode in the finals after things picked up in his match with Konohamaru.

    We aren’t told whether he ever tried again after that, though Kakashi makes it clear that everyone knows he’s got the skills to be whatever rank he wants at that point. I suspect he went back to his academic studies — the one area Kakashi had previously noted he was not ready to lead in — and spent time with his wife and eventual kids, rather than continuing to pursue ranks and recognition.

  2. Since in spite of battling in a conflict, saving the town on many times damnation.. passing on and reawakening with more power then all the kage joined, scholastically he’s a numb nuts and keeping in mind that experience is the best educator he can’t simply expect a situation without finding a way the correct ways to arrive likewise the hokage can’t show bias.. beside that he simply needs to be hokage.