Ugliest Baby in The World

6-month-old Abagail is one of the ugliest babies in the world. In fact, the baby with a wart growing on her face has been described as the ugliest baby in the world. But, Abagail has the last laugh. The baby is the daughter of a Ugandan father and a Dutch mother.

Several cases of baby rape are reported everyday around the world. But, the case of the Ugliest Baby in the World is an extreme case of baby abuse. Read this article to know more about this most shocking case of baby abuse.

This story of the Ugliest Baby in the World is a great example of the power of influencers.
How a baby won the title of the Ugliest Baby in the World
Joan Rivers, an American comedian, actress and television host, is the one who created the title of Ugliest Baby in the World.

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