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The Laws Governing Truck Accident Attorney Houston Claims in Texas

The rules surrounding truck accidents are the same as those for driving; however, you need a Houston truck accident lawyer to take care of these cases. For example, owners of personal cars and company vehicles must have logs noting every trip they make – including what equipment was carried in their vehicle or towed behind them – to ensure that they meet all regulations. Additionally, companies or individual truck drivers should also keep records about their trucks in order to keep them up-to-date with regular maintenance inspections and driver training requirements.

Truckers are required to set limits on how fast they can go, so they make sure they’re always abiding by the law. They also use a GPS system to track their location and determine whether or not they’ve had enough driving time for the day. These measures ensure that truckers don’t overwork themselves, which leads to accidents as well as improper sleeping patterns.

During truck driving, drivers must take care of themselves by avoiding alcohol, drugs, drunk drivers, speeding, driver fatigue, tailgating, improper loading practices (e.g., stacking), aggressive driving and improper maintenance- practices that are against the law or safety regulations.

Contact a Truck Accident Attorney Houston

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If you find yourself involved in an accident near Houston High Road, contact Houston truck accident lawyer Charles J. We offer free consultation with Spanish caseworkers and bilingual staff when required. Fill out this form for more details about what happened during the crash.

The Size Of 18-Wheeler Trucks

Vehicle collisions involving trucks can range from smaller truck types such as tractors and semi-trucks to bigger varieties such as big rigs or 18 wheelers. What makes these accidents so dangerous is the sheer size of these vehicles; a single vehicle can hold up to 80,000 pounds which adds up to an enormous difference when compared with most cars at around 3000 – 4000 pounds. This severe weight difference often leads to fatal injuries for drivers involved in the accident.

Semi-trucks themselves can weigh around 18,000 pounds. A trailer can often weigh anywhere from 10,000 to 15,000 pounds (which add up to 30,000 to 45,000 pounds combined), and a full truckload typically weighs at least 50,000 lbs (78,00 lbs). The maximum legal weight is usually no more than 80,00lbs or 40 tons. Oversize or overweight permits are sometimes available for very large trucks and/or exceeding weights limits – but they require additional costs and processing times. The average height of a semi-truck averages out at thirteen feet high and seventy feet long – ten inches taller than most SUVs and three times longer than an everyday truck.

Injuries caused by a commercial trucking accident are dependent on not only the weight of the vehicle, but also its speed and what kind of accident it was.

What Are The Common Causes Of Truck Accidents In Houston?

Trucking jobs involve long hours of labor behind the wheel; it can take up to 3 weeks for a driver to cross the country, depending on how many hours they spend awake at a time. Truckers need to be specially trained in order to operate big rigs because these trucks present potential risks when driven along busy highways. When drivers neglect their safety training and either drive for more than their allotted amount of time or under the influence of drugs in order to remain alert for such long periods of time, thousands upon thousands die every year from preventable accidents.


Large truck accidents are caused by a number of factors, including;  


Stopping or slowing a large truck requires more time and space.


According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, a trucker can only drive 11 hours within a 14-hour period and must have at least 10 consecutive hours of rest before they resume work.

Impaired Driving:

Truckers are typically tested for drugs at set intervals using outdated urine testing methods. In response to Congress passing the FAST Act 2015, which allows for increased enforcement against those who use drugs for an extended period of time by mandating hair follicle drug testing, the DOT has yet to implement this practice after nearly six years. This leaves many truck drivers who continue to abuse illicit substances on the roads.

Distracted Driving:

Truck drivers are often at risk for falling victim to boredom when driving for long periods of time. Truck drivers should stay focused on the task at hand and keep an eye out for danger around them so they don’t get hurt.

Failure to Obey Traffic Rules:

The same rules apply to truck drivers as they do to other drivers. Occasionally, a truck driver may speed up to make an upcoming turn, relying on others for them to stop and avoid an accident.

How Many Large Truck Accidents Are There A Year? 


As of the latest report, there has been an alarming amount of fatal accidents involving both commercial and non-commercial trucks. In Texas alone, 652 people have died from such accidents this year alone when they collided with one.

  • The number of fatal crashes involving large trucks accounted for 5,000, accounting for 10% of all fatal crashes, 
  • representing an increase of 2%
  • Truck accidents injured approximately 160,000 people, an increase of 7%
  • with 69% not being occupants of the trucks

When a big truck crashes into a small car, the result can be disastrous for both parties involved. The person inside will take damage or even die, while the truck driver is generally shielded from such danger by layers of steel. However, most trucks are able to make it out unscathed after an accident – unlike those riding in other cars who sustain serious injury or worse.

If you’ve lost someone due to a careless truck driver, please call our Houston wrongful death attorneys so we can help you during this difficult time. We’ll take the necessary steps and make sure the guilty party is held accountable for your loss and gives you closure to properly process your grief.


Have You Faced Corporate Legal Teams Before?

It is not unusual for a trucking company to have access to legal counsel in order to shield them from liability. A driver’s best line of defense in court are the negotiation skills of their attorney. This person needs to be ready and willing to battle it out with a team of lawyers who are only looking out for how much money can be taken away from you. For example, ask your Houston 18-wheeler truck accident lawyer about how he or she will handle negotiations when they go sour.

Who Is At Fault For My Accident?

Liability can sometimes be confusing. For example, if a car accident is caused by a truck driver who ran a stop sign and struck the other person then vicarious liability would apply- which means that the company of the offending driver could potentially be held liable for damages.

How Expensive Is A Houston Truck & 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer?

Almost every accidental injury puts an individual and their family under a great deal of stress. Medical expenses are one of those burdens that can seem unbearable when coupled with the physical pain you’ve already been through. But our Houston truck accident lawyers at Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Agosto, Aziz & Stogner want to help you through this difficult time. Our upfront costs are based off how much money we can earn for you; so there’s no risk involved in working with us.

What Other Questions Should I Ask An Attorney If I Have Been Involved In A Truck Or 18 Wheeler Accident?

Truck accidents are especially destructive because of the sheer size of these vehicles. And when they collide with other cars, the consequences can be disastrous. However if people survive such an incident, it may take some time for them to heal from major injuries or recuperate from what’s happened.

To really protect yourself and bring up all your grievances so you’re not left wondering if it was resolved or not, an experienced truck accident lawyer is necessary. For example, what type of accidents they specialize in, who they’ve worked with before, how many cases they won before (or lost), etc. Having this information at hand would only benefit you.

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