Top 10 Sawan mehndi designs for festivals

The Sawan or Shrawan month is one of the most revered months in Hindu calendar. People partake in all religious ceremonies during this period and also observe fasts since it is believed to be a very fruit ful time. One of the celebrated festivities during this month is Swing Festival, which still continues even though there has been changes in traditions over years.

The beautiful ladies also love applying Mehandi during these days for it’s trendy themes as opposed to traditional motifs. Here, you will find 10 trendy designs for Mehndi that are perfect for performing during the Sawan season for those who don’t wish to follow tradition but want a little something different from the usual styles at home – without having to go out looking for new inspiration!

10 Latest Sawan mehndi designs

1. Symbol Om:

If you’re a lover of traditional Indian mehndi designs, carry them with this uniquely fashioned design.

Symbol Om

2. Lord Krishna and Radha:

Ancient stories of Lord Krishna and Radha are beautifully illustrated with a mehndi design.

Lord Krishna and Radha

3. Devotion:

It’s the holy month of Ramadan where Muslims are encouraged to perform good deeds and abstain from sins. This mehndi design depicts how devotedly Goddess Parvati offered her prayers before Lord Shiva.


4. Theme mehndi:

Sawan is all about swinging from trees, and enjoying nature’s treats. Adding some of these symbols to your mehndi design will give you a beautful glimpse of this lovely world every time you look at your hand.

Theme mehndi

5. Swirl mehndi design:

It got its name because of the intricate design on it. The latest Sawan Mehndi Design featured a swirl around what could only be an Om symbol, making it one of the prettiest designs ever seen.

Swirl mehndi design

6. Lord Shiva:

If you are a devotee of Lord Shiva, then Sawan is an important month because it allows you to get closer to Him. Designing your nails with these latest Sawan mehndi designs will show how much we care about this holy period.

Lord Shiva

7. Worshiping trees:

People fast and pray at sacred trees. Ancient traditions like this are what make India so special. If you’re looking for the best mehndi designs, then take a look at these gorgeous ones!

Worshiping trees

8. Sacred tree:

Mehndi art is so much more than just a way of expression; it’s an integral part of who we are. It tells the rest of the world what kind of people we are and what our beliefs are – even if those beliefs originate from something as simple as where we were born or raised. Mehndi art lets people know that even sacred trees deserve reverence because they provide sustenance for all living things, including humans.

Sacred tree

9. Shivling:

One of the most followed rituals this summer season is pouring water onto the shivalinga. There are many different intricate mehndi designs for inspiration.


10. Evergreen design:

This beautiful, intricate mehndi design comes from the artist Mayuri who has intricately depicted ladies swinging in happiness. The four trees drawn at the corners of this design add an extra charm to it.

Evergreen design

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