Ration Card Form 6 – Change Dealer and Transfer Name

If you are searching for the Ration Card Form No. 6 to apply for a change in the Fair Price Shop or Dealer or to transfer the name due to marriage, divorce, or separation, you can download it in a PDF format from the bottom of this page.

This article has provided a thorough description of all topics concerning the transfer or alteration of ration cards. To gain clarity about the related form, please read it until the conclusion to avoid any doubts or misunderstandings.

Form nameRation Card Form 6
Form typeGovernmental
Size275 KB
Pages2 pages
PurposeChange FPS and Name Transfer
Official websitehttps://food.wb.gov.in/

What is ration card form 6?

As previously mentioned, form 6 of the ration card is primarily employed for transferring the names of family members between each other and for altering the supplier or FPS shop. This document is often utilized for a name change as a result of a wedding, e.g., if your sister were to marry into your family, then it would be necessary to fill in the form to transfer her name accordingly.

If you and your family are permanently relocating to a different location, then it is necessary to fill out this form in order to update the shop or dealer associated with your ration card. Moreover, if you would like to change your name on one ration card to another, then this form of ration card is the only applicable option.

Similarly, in the case of divorce, this form must be completed to transfer the divorced person’s name from their spouse’s family ration card to their own.

Where need to submit the ration card form 6?

With several ways of submitting the Ration Card Form 6 in West Bengal, you have the flexibility to send in your filled-out form in the most convenient manner. As you are already aware, the Duarer Sarkar Camp is in operation across the entire state, and it’s likely you have knowledge of the services that can be availed at these camps.

The Duarer Sarkar Camp is offering a service wherein you can submit the forms related to ration cards. You have the option of collecting and submitting the said forms to the Camp, submitting the filled Form 6 to the dealer from whom you are obtaining the ration or submitting the Form 6 to the District Supply Officer or DFSO Food Department office. This enables a simple, effective and convenient method of completing your ration card application process.

What documents are required along with ration card form 6?

When you are ready to submit the form, make sure to include the accompanying documents listed below. It is essential to attach the documents to the form in order to complete the process.

  • Aadhaar card copy of the applicant
  • Marriage certificate (in case of a name change due to marriage)
  • Copy of the digital ration card of the head of the family/husband/father
  • Birth certificate for minor members (below five years of age)
  • Contact details and FPS shop details where the name transfer is desired (to be filled in the form)

How to fill the ration card form 6?

This Form No 6 needs to be filled out section by section. Please take the time to read each section carefully in order to complete the form accurately.

  1. In section A of the form, it should be filled out only if you wish to change the Fair Price Shop or transfer all family members; it should be left empty if you just intend to move one or two family members from the family.
  2. In the B section, enter the name and details of the person to whom you would like to transfer the funds.
  3. In Section C, kindly provide all the essential details of the new FPS to which the family member is transferring, including the name and code of the shop.
  4. If you are looking to transfer your name due to marriage, divorce, or separation, kindly fill in your current ration card details in Section D of the form.
  5. Kindly provide the contact information for the person you are transferring your name to due to marriage, divorce, or separation in Section E of this form.
  6. Section F of the form must be filled out if you are transferring your name due to marriage, divorce, or separation. All of the members of the family, who are listed on the ration card, must also have their information entered.
  7. In Section G, write the address where your name is being transferred.
  8. To conclude, please include your signature along with the date on which you are submitting this completed form.

Download Ration Card Form 6 PDF

The download link for the form 6 for the Name Transfer and FPS Shop Transfer Ration Card has been provided below. Click the download button to obtain the PDF form.

Form 6Download
Official website of Food DepartmentClick Here

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit Ration Card Form 6 online?

Yes, you can submit this form online by visiting the official website of the Food Department.

What is the full form of DFSO?

District Food Supply Office. This is a district-based Food Department office.

Why Fill Ration Card Form 6?

This document is utilized for transferring the name on a ration card from one dealer or Fair Price Shop to another.

What is the FPS full form?

Fair Price Shop (FPS) has been authorized by the food division of the state to offer quality products at competitive prices for shoppers to purchase.

Which form needs to be filled in West Bengal to transfer name in ration card due to marriage?

You need to fill Ration Card Form 6 in West Bengal for Marriage, Divorce, and Separation.

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