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Ja Morant Hairstyle: A Flashy NBA Superstar With Majestic Dreads

The 2019 NBA Draft yielded an incredible crop of talented players, many of whom have reminiscent qualities of already established legends. Nonetheless, there were some, like Ja Morant, who have demonstrated the aptitude and ambition to build a legacy of their own. Over the course of his three years in the NBA, Morant has certainly dazzled opponents with his ball-handling, ferocity, and relentless work ethic. Moreover, his 2019-2020 Rookie of the Year accolade is a testament to his greatness, silencing all his detractors.

At just 22 years of age, Ja Morant has already reached the highest level of professional basketball and is widely considered to be one of the most entertaining players to watch. His meteoric rise to fame has made him the face of the NBA, as well as his trendsetting fashion and hairstyles. His looks are as dynamic and stylish as his playing style, making him a true star on and off the court.

In this article, we’ll explore the iconic hairstyles of Ja Morant and the reasons why they have earned such widespread admiration. We will highlight the different cuts he has had over the course of his NBA career and will even take a look back at his styles during his days at Murray State College.

A Dive Into Ja Morant’s Hairstyle and Hair Type

The most simplistic description for Ja Morant’s signature hairstyle would be free form locs. This natural look is mostly donned by those with type 4b hair, and a major benefit of the look is the minimal effort it requires for it to look great. Furthermore, Ja’s hair has impressive resilience, enabling him to easily fashion the strands into various thick, wavy coils.

6 Dreadlock Ideas of Ja Morant that Scream Style and Elegance

Ja Morant’s flamboyant attitude and head of hair make achieving fame outside of the NBA a simple feat. His various hairstyles have allowed him to reinvent himself throughout his NBA career and capture the attention of viewers around the world. As he continues to make a name for himself on and off the court, Morant’s future remains exciting.

The Blowout

As seen on Ja in his youth, the blowout haircut is a fabulous choice for afro-textured hair and appropriate for any occasion. It offers a desirable level of volume, beneficial for those wanting to widen the appearance of their face. Typically, voluminous hairstyles cause a more slender effect on facial shape.

The Blowout

It’s straightforward to maintain this hairstyle with the aid of a straightforward manual. You can use styling instruments such as a blow dryer, a pick for afro hair, and plenty of curl enhancer cream to create the same playful look. If you’re not into hair products, you can forgo the last step and still have a natural and wavy blowout – one of the most desirable looks of today.

Middle Length Dreads

Ja Morant’s hairstyle during his rookie year is worth emulating. Middle-length dreads wound into multiple coils give a flattering look, perfect for anyone transitioning to longer locks. Not only does this hairdo get you through the in-between stage with style, it also displays the density and length of your hair.

Middle Length Dreads

This style is quite simple to re-create; all you have to do is leave your hair as-is. If you prefer something more manageable, finger coils can be incorporated to help the dreadlocks stay in place, while bringing out the texture of the cuticles.

For the optimum outcome, it is recommended to purchase a nourishing shampoo and curl-promoting conditioner. To elevate the texture without sacrificing the natural look of your hair, using rollers of different shapes and sizes is an excellent solution.

Part Cornrows

The intricate look of cornrows is often highly desirable, especially when styled on naturally thick and curly hair, like that of Ja Morant during his rookie year in the NBA. Not only does this style present dreads in an attractive manner, but it also adds to the charm of individuals with a colorful, bold personality, such as Ja Morant.

Part Cornrows

Cornrows offer a visually pleasing look and are held firmly in place. As such, they can be worn to any event without affecting one’s overall appearance. This hairstyle can easily pair with any outfit, from a formal suit to a casual getup, making the wearer stand out in any crowd.

Curtain Style Multi Color Coils

Resembling the classic eBoy look, this hairdo is the best possible option one can take into account if they want to showcase the laid back portion of their personality. The look is usually achieved by making two sections and dividing them down the middle.

Curtain Style Multi Color Coils

Dreadlocks are united to create coils by means of manual techniques, such as finger manipulation, or with the help of accessories like spiral ties and rods. This hair styling process takes some effort and may cause some discomfort, but it is certainly something that anyone can enjoy for extended periods of time.

Additionally, you have the option to choose other lively hues that complement your individual traits, instead of settling for the same tones that Ja Morant picked for his coils.

Middle part duo tone dreads

In comparison to the prior item on this list, this style entails a middle part that has been contorted. The corkscrew curls have been woven and bound even more closely to create extra fullness, definition, and texture for Ja’s hair. While it is possible to achieve the coils using tools, it is preferable to seek professional help from a hairdresser for the most favorable outcome.

Middle part duo tone dreads

Ask your stylist for a light trim on the sides of your hair for the desired look of shorter length in the front and longer strands in the back. Furthermore, to craft framing fringes in the front, don’t use styling tools and opt for a more natural outcome by simply twisting your dreads with your fingers.

Dread Bun

Ja Morant has been wearing his dreads in a bun for some time now, which seems to be a hairstyle of choice for many athletes. The bun keeps his hair from interfering with his athletic performance and is generally a very manageable look to sport. This classic style has been around for years and has become an iconic look amongst athletes.

Dread Bun

Wearing his dreads in a bun not only offers convenience, but also takes away stress from having lengthy hair. Not only will the hairstyle stay intact for extended periods of time, it is also sure to give a neat, fresh look that won’t go unnoticed. No matter if you play basketball or not, the look is perfect for adding an extra touch of style. Plus, since it is not an everyday hairstyle, it is guaranteed to help you stand out socially.

Frequently Asked Questions

When trying to recreate Ja Morant’s hairstyle, people with 4b type curly hair have an advantage, yet any individual can get this look with the right hairstylist and stylist. Since we cannot personally aid in the process, here are some questions we have answered to assist when searching for the perfect hairdresser.

Why is Ja Morant’s hair so bouncy?

Dreads, also known as free form locs, can be grown organically, without the need for any hair product, styling tools, or special equipment. To maintain the lush, voluminous appearance of dreads, the hair should be left to its own devices and grown in accordance with the wearer’s preferences.

How long did it take for Ja Morant to grow freeform locs?

The timeline for Ja Morant’s hair transformation from loose curls to locs is a mystery, however, most people with afro-textured hair can expect their locks to be fully-formed in five weeks or less. If your curls are tightly-coiled, you can count on the locs forming quickly and easily.

Will my hair strands become weak if I wear dreads?

Dreadlocks may appear to be high maintenance from a distance, yet in actuality, they make hair more durable. Those who have donned dreads in the past have reported that not only did their hair gain a healthier appearance but it also appeared thicker. Additionally, it was simpler for them to care for their hair growth. Embracing the natural texture of their locks was an added bonus.


Overall, though replicating Ja Morant’s hairstyle can be difficult, it is still achievable with sufficient time, quality products, and a trustworthy assistant. For those wishing to forgo products, try not to manipulate your hair too much; not only will it look healthier, but the cuticles will be less susceptible to damage and dryness. Furthermore, to make the hairstyle unique to you, select colors that contrast with each other when recreating the dreads on the top knot. Aim to use colors that are vibrant, rather than neutrals, to make the style more playful.

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