Is it safe to use Eno during pregnancy?

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  1. But pregnant mothers should avoid the excess sodium in “sodium bicarbonate.” Under the influence of the pregnant hormones, women’s bodies hang onto every sodium ion it can find. This leads to swelling and water weight gain which is uncomfortable. And sodium might contribute to hypertension that can be very dangerous in pregnancy.

    Sodium bicarbonate can work pretty well as an antacid. And women who are pregnant often benefit from antacids. Pregnancy creates a relaxation of the lower esophageal sphincter (which keeps stomach acid from getting into the esophagus causing nausea or heartburn). Concomitantly, pregnant stomachs don’t empty normally. They churn and churn mom’s last meal for hours, further increasing the possibility of heartburn.

  2. For solid and sound ladies, I accept nearly anything is protected during pregnancy. That would exclude things that are innately risky for non-pregnant ladies, similar to things that require interesting adjusting, lifting exceptionally weighty burdens, running (the inconvenience ought to stop her), extremely difficult exercise center action. I’d figure rushes would be OK, assuming that they FEEL OK to the lady. On the off chance that it doesn’t feel OK, then she ought to stop them – that would be an overall principle for practically any movement.