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How to Remove Mehndi Stains from Clothes at Home

Imagine yourself walking around wearing your favorite dress, makeup on point and hair freshly styled- then it happens. A single droplet of henna falls onto the perfect fabric of your attire- instantly ruining everything. This is a common dilemma when it comes to applying henna or when you are unlucky enough to receive such stains from other people. Perhaps one of the worst thoughts at that moment will be how do I remove mehndi stain off my clothes? You’re not alone in being freaked out because these stains are hard to get rid of- but there ARE ways to take care of them.

Best Ways to Remove Mehndi Stains from Clothes:

Here are some homely solutions for remove mehndi stains from clothes.

1. Remove The Stain as Soon as it Falls:

Yes, it’s important to get rid of the mehndi stains from your clothes quickly because they’ll continue to darken if you don’t. In order to do so, take some white paper or a clean towel and gently dab at the stain until it disappears. It is best not to rub the cloth against the stain because this will only spread it around, making things worse!

Remove The Stain as Soon as it Falls

2. Use of Laundry Soap:

The first step for natural cleaning stains is to add detergent directly onto the fabric where it stained. Gently rub in a circular motion over the area, and wait until the dirt fades away before washing your clothing with cold water only – not hot or warm! Repeat this process if needed. If there are still some stains left after this first round of washing, use an old toothbrush dipped in hydrogen peroxide or baking soda to rub against stubborn spots in order to get them clean!

Use of Laundry Soap

3. Use Milk:

Milk is great for removing stains. Especially when looking to remove mehndi color from hands instantly, milk can offer a number of benefits. Get some milk solution and soak the stain area into it for about 30 minutes. Next remove the clothes from the milk solution and apply some liquid soap on it. Scrub at it with a toothbrush or just use a scrubber in circular motions until you can see the color fade away. If you find that stubborn stain to still be there, repeat this process again until it finally comes off!

Use Milk

4. Use Hydrogen Peroxide:

For persistent mehndi stains, hydrogen peroxide is also helpful. Applying just a drop of it could help you remove the stain completely from your clothes; however, make sure you are using enough of the solution or else it will bleach the fabric. If the first attempt at cleaning fails – try another technique to get rid of those stubborn stains

Use Hydrogen Peroxide

5. Use Some Vinegar:

Vinegar may be the answer to your question, how to remove henna stains from clothing. Vinegar has been known for its capability to take off almost every stain on cloth- including mehndi stains. If you even applied mehndi onto your shirt, white vinegar would provide the best trick for getting rid of it. For instance, just pour some vinegar onto the stained area and lightly rub in circles over it; then rinse the piece thoroughly with warm water afterward. Repeat the process if necessary for complete success in removing all stains!

Use Some Vinegar

Here are some tips and tricks for removing the mehendi stains from your clothes. One method is to use an enzyme-based stain remover; others include enzymatic laundry detergent, ammonia, rubbing alcohol, and methylated spirits. If you don’t want to buy these items off the shelf, try mixing water with lemon juice or vinegar; another suggestion is tannin based fabric cleaner which has proved effective against all kinds of dye stains including mehndi.

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