How many parts will Attack On Titan Season 4 have?

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  1. It might have 12-13 episodes as there aren’t numerous sections from the manga left to be covered however it will be weighty activity pressed.

    Regardless of whether you are an anime in particular and have been ruined an all around of insane stuff will go down so you can hold on and appreciate!

  2. I think the final season will be having parts as it did with the 3rd season. The reason I think this way is because, I’m up to date with the manga and as I’m writing this answer, in the latest chapter, the final battle has begun (I don’t want to spoil).

    I think the battle might go on for 6–7 chapters more and one more chapter will be the ending. Because each chapter releases with a long time gap, and animation and voice editing are a long work, I think this might be the cause.