How do I open a QR code scanner in the Myntra app?

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  1. It’s difficult to say which ones stand out as the best use cases for QR codes, but we’d like to give you some inspiring examples that we think are worth considering. QR codes can be utilized either by a company or by an individual. Let’s take a look.

    The QR Code is even more beneficial for business owners. Do you run a restaurant and want to introduce a con tactless experience to your customers? Use the QR Code PDF feature so your clients can easily access your digital menu. It can also be easily updated without reprinting.

  2. It’s hard to play games on your phone when they are always stopping and starting. For example, if there’s a flickering fire in the game and it gets stopped by Android and restarted over and over again this will make playing difficult because each time you stop playing and start up again everything has changed around so you don’t know where things are anymore!

    If you take your SD card out too many times, then it will stop working and make the games on your phone not work anymore. If this happens to your SD card, then we have to find another way to fix it by deleting all of our games off of our phone or finding a new SD card.