How do I download videos from Pornhub 1?

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  1. YouTube is a popular video streaming website and the 2nd largest search engine in the World after Google. We all love YouTube and always want to download videos from YouTube. For this purpose, I prefer to use Wondershare Tube Studio software.

    iTube Studio is the #1 YouTube Video Downloader software in present time. It is available for free usage on Windows and Mac system on trail basis. If you want to get any kind of video from YouTube for free, then you just need to copy the URL of that video and go to iTube Studio & click on “Paste URL” under Download section.

  2. Indeed, and I have been doing this starting around 2013. I have almost 100 series and it sums up to around 800 GB. The biggest in my assortment is Pokemon. I normally have names yet additionally have subs in the event that names aren’t accessible. One my hard plate got harmed and I lost my underlying assortment. I in a real sense weeped for seven days. However at that point again I began downloading in 2017 and presently I have 91 or 92 series(including OVA and motion pictures). I will transfer my assortment pictures later.