Erbert & Gerbert’s Menu

Sandwiches are a quick and easy meal you can make at home within five minutes. When people think about eating these different types of sandwiches, Erbert & Gerbert’s Sandwich Shop is what they picture first. This well-known sandwich shop has many different kinds of delicious food you won’t find anywhere else.

Erbert & Gerbert’s has become famous for their submarine sandwiches. Not only do they have an array of sandwich choices but they also serve macaroni and cheese, giant macaroni and cheese, boxed lunches, couple boxed lunches, drinks, side dishes, salads, combos and they cater too! For less than forty dollars you can make a delicious meal that will please everyone.

You’re probably here because you want to know more about the restaurant. If you think that this was all then let me say that it would be wrong for someone like you who is reading this article. There will be a lot more coming up in this article than what has already been mentioned but before we go ahead to explore those points, please take a look at Erbert & Gerbert’s history so far.

The Chain had its humble beginnings in the fine town of Eau Claire, Wisconsin in 1987. The company opened its first store soon after it was founded and since then has grown to include more than fifty locations – many close to college campuses.

Erbert & Gerbert’s Menu Prices

Erbert & Gerbert’s restaurant are among my favorite sandwich places. Their modernised menus make it much easier to choose from a variety of different types of sandwiches; such as boney Billy, cally, bornk, tappy, and pudder. In addition to these classics there are also specialty sandwiches such as narmer, flash, grif, greeter etc.

Their selection of delicious meals include Apollo, boney billy, comet candy, and many more types of box lunches. They also offer macaroni and cheese soups for those who are hungry for an even heavier meal. Once you’ve tried one of their fresh food dishes you’ll be hooked!

Having a drink is one of many ways to pass the time when ordering food. They offer appetizers such as Ham & Cheese, Li’l Tyke Turkey, and Macaroni & Cheese for children.

On the left side of Erbert & Gerbert’s menu you will find options for half-and-half burgers, like half boney Billy, half erupter, and so on. There are also other options such as Combo Apollo, Combo Bornk and Combo Grif that offer a variety of taste combinations while still remaining affordable.

You don’t have to worry about being on a diet when there are salads available for purchase such as Bornk salad bowl, Narmer salad bowl, Boner Billys’s Salad Bowl; and Apollo salad bowl. If you would rather go the sandwich route, colossus boxes come at just $56.66. Regardless of what style suits your taste best – you can always get it under $40!


Combo Apollo$10.87
Combo Beacon$11.67
Combo Boney Billy$10.37
Combo Bornk$10.37
Combo Comet Candy$10.77
Combo Comet Morehouse$10.37
Combo Flash$10.57
Combo Girf$10.47
Combo Jacob Blufinger$9.47
Combo Narmer$10.47
Combo Neuron$10.77
Combo Quatro$10.77
Combo Spartan$10.77
Combo Tappy$9.37
Combo Titan$10.77
Combo Tullius$10.77

Sandwiches & Wraps

Boney Billy$7.09
Comet Candy$7.39
Comet Morehouse$7.09
Jacob Bluefinger$6.49

Box Lunches

Box Lunch Apollo$11.12
Box Lunch Boney Billy$11.02
Box Lunch Bornk$10.92
Box Lunch Comet Candy$11.32
Box Lunch Comet Morehouse$11.02
Box Lunch Erupter$11.32
Box Lunch Flash$11.12
Box Lunch Girf$11.02
Box Lunch Jacob Bluefinger$10.42
Box Lunch Narmer$10.92
Box Lunch Neuron$11.42
Box Lunch Quatro$11.32
Box Lunch Spartan$11.32
Box Lunch Tappy$10.22
Box Lunch Titan$11.12
Box Lunch Tullius

Couple Up Box Lunches

Couple Up Box Lunch Apollo$10.02
Couple Up Box Lunch Boney Billy$9.97
Couple Up Box Lunch Bornk$9.92
Couple Up Box Lunch Comet Candy$10.12
Couple Up Box Lunch Comet Morehouse$9.97
Couple Up Box Lunch Erupter$10.12
Couple Up Box Lunch Flash$10.02
Couple Up Box Lunch Girf$9.97
Couple Up Box Lunch Jacob Bluefinger$9.67
Couple Up Box Lunch Narmer$9.92
Couple Up Box Lunch Neuron$10.17
Couple Up Box Lunch Quatro$10.12
Couple Up Box Lunch Spartan$10.12
Couple Up Box Lunch Tappy$9.57
Couple Up Box Lunch Titan$10.02
Couple Up Box Lunch Tullius$10.02

Mac & Soups

Food ItemCupSoup
Mac & Cheese$4.99$5.99
Mac & Cheese BBQ Brisket$5.09$6.09
Cheddar Cheese & Broccoli$4.09$5.09
Chicken Wild Rice$4.09$5.09
Hearty Beef Chilli$4.09$5.09

Bold Salad Bowls

Apollo Salad Bowl$7.19
Boney Billy Salad Bowl$7.09
Bornk Salad Bowl$6.99
Comet Candy Salad Bowl$7.39
Comet Morehouse Salad Bowl$7.09
Erupter Salad Bowl$7.39
Flash Salad Bowl$7.19
Girf Salad Bowl$7.09
Jacob Bluefinger Salad$6.49
Narmer Salad Bowl$6.99
Quatro Salad Bowl$7.39
Spartan Salad Bowl$7.39
Tappy Salad Bowl$6.29
Titan Salad Bowl$7.19
Tullius Salad Bowl$7.19

Couple Up

Half Apollo$7.69
Half Beacon$8.19
Half Boney Billy$7.64
Half Bornk$7.59
Half Comet Candy$7.79
Half Comet Morehouse$7.64
Half Erupter$7.79
Half Flash$7.69
Half Girf$7.64
Half Jacob Bluefinger$7.34
Half Narmer$7.59
Half Neuron$7.84
Half Quatro$7.79
Half Spartan$7.79
Half Tappy$7.24
Half Titan$7.69
Half Tullius$7.69

Kids Meals

Li’l Tyke Turkey$5.99
Half-Pint Ham & Cheese$5.99
Kids Mac & Cheese$5.99

Catering Sandwiches

Colossus Box$56.66

Gaint Salad Bowls

Big Bacon Club Giant Salad Bowl$39.99
Topped Chef Giant Salad Bowl$39.99
Gargantuan Garden Giant Salad$29.99

Giant Mac & Soups

Cheddar Cheese & Broccoli$15.99
Chicken Wild Rice$15.99
Hearty Beef Chilli- Giant$15.99
Mac & Cheese- Giant$17.99

Drinks, Sides & Treats

Peanut Butter Bar$2.49
Giant Deli Pickle$1.49
Day Old Bread$1.49
Bottle Drink$1.99
Dozen Cookie$15.99
Dozen Peanut Butter Dessert$24.99
Half Dozen Giant Deli Pickles$7.99

Franchise Details Of Erbert & Gerbert’s

Founded in 1987, this company has 33 years of experience to show for it. Its staff members have decades of franchising and food industry management experience – enough to assure you that it will be a valuable ally in your restaurant success story. This company also began franchising since 1992, with a total of 100+ units.

Erbert & Gerbert offer you an easy and profitable investment where your customers will keep coming back for more. 

Initial Franchise Fee$30,000
Initial Investment$194,820 – $393,270
Net Worth Requirement$300,000
Liquid Capital$80,000

It offers you a low risk investment with a high return and your customers a diverse menu that satisfies their appetite. To purchase Erbert & Gerbert’s sandwich shop, please see the below-listed information.

Contact Information Of Erbert & Gerbert’s

Erbert & Gerbert’s Address: 5828 Arndt Rd. Eau Claire, WI 54701.

Erbert & Gerbert’s Corporate Phone Number: (715) 833-1375

If you would like to contact Erbert & Gerbert’s, click here. You will need to provide some personal information before registering for an account. Once registered, click here if you would like to login and bypass this step altogether.

Erbert & Gerert’s Nutritional Information

To know about the nutrition information of food can be important when choosing which foods are healthier. For this reason, it’s worth considering more nutrient-dense alternatives when possible and being mindful of the nutrition and dietary data found in every type of food consumed. Below is a link you should follow to understand how much nutritional value certain ingredients from Erbert & Gerbert’s restaurant dishes contain.

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