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The biggest challenges parents of children with autism or Disruptive behaviour face every single day is challenging behaviors. These can include meltdowns in public, hitting, biting, scratching, self-injurious behavior and the list goes on.

In today’s blog post i will be shading light on one of many topics in human behaviour i.e. challenging behaviours. I will try to explain things around it in very simple manner.

So let’s start by defining what a challenging behavior is which I will hereon refer to as a behavior.

A behavior can be anything that one does that results in exclusion from typical school home or community settings impede social relationships or learning.

This results in reduced quality of life for the person and his or her family requires special intervention. And supporting challenging behaviors are really difficult because, they can result in serious consequences for the individual and families of them.

This can include a lower quality of life for the family due to high stress strains on family relationships be it in the marriage or with other children, social exclusion of the child from the community such as, going to malls, family functions or school damage to property, injury to people, trouble with the police and in worst case scenarios even death.

What causes challenging behaviour ?

The brain is a wonderful organ. It allows us to do amazing things without even having to think about them. But in the background our brains work very hard to be able to do everything we take for granted every day such as participating in a discussion, to know when to smile, or even to understand when something is funny.

When our brain is functioning properly, there is a group of cells, networks, but even entire areas of the brain that communicate with each other.

When we relax with a cup of tea and talk, our brain networks are busy. Groups of our brain experts(different brain components handling different brain tasks) take action. In order for the incoming information to be understood and to be able to react, our brain has to process every word and every facial expression.

Networks need to work together to retrieve facts and other specialized information, about our personal relationships, but even what is considered acceptable behavior. And as if that were not enough, our brain must also “get inside” other people’s heads and guess what they are thinking or feeling.

When our brains are damaged, by injury or disease, some of these important groups can be weakened or eliminated, or they may encounter disease barriers that prevent them from contributing to this internal brain discussion. Messages can be distorted and behaviors confusing.

And lead to behaviors that are problematic or challenging or difficult to understand or manage . It is important that we do not take these actions or words personally. And keep in mind that problematic behavior may reflect a need that has not been met. People whose brain networks are damaged as a result of illness or injury They communicate their needs differently.

Problematic and provocative behaviors can also be a sign of an infection, and for this reason it is important to see your doctor to rule out this possibility. When you cannot tell others what you need, even simple conversations can upset and stress everyone.

It is like two people speaking different languages ​​trying to communicate without the help of a dictionary. It’s certainly not easy, but fortunately there are things we can do to make life less stressful for everyone. But first we have to become a little detective to understand how this new language(i.e behaviors’) works.

We need to understand whether specific events or environments can trigger these behaviors. Keeping a diary can help identify and avoid repetitive actions that can trigger these behaviors or alternatively to help us discover repetitive behaviors that lead to pleasurable encounters.

Learning a new language takes time. So, we need to be lenient with ourselves but also with our loved ones. Consider creating your own group of friends, family and professionals who will help you break the code and find out what the person displaying the problem behavior needs.

And remember that these provocative and problematic behaviors are due to disturbed brain connections, So there is no reason to take them in person.

If you’ve made till the end reading this post then i appreciate you for taking out your valuable time and hope i have added some knowledge to your brain’s treasure trove.

If you guys feel that i can explore on some other topics and present some short facts/knowledge/insights then do suggest me in below comments section.

Till then good bye, see you all in next interesting & knowledgeable blog.