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As parents, we understand how difficult it can be to find the perfect snack for our children. And often times, we find ourselves searching frantically in the pantry between a bag of chips and some fruit for something that will nourish their growing bodies without packing on excess weight. In order to avoid this situation from arising again, you might consider packing them a nutritious snack box filled with healthy options like oats idli, moong salad, ragi cookies, dhokla or even some fresh fruit such as a smoothie or fruit bowl.

These snacks give them the energy they need and allow them to last until the next meal. With a little creativity it is easy to come up with innovative snacks that are both healthy and tastes good.

Healthy snacks include things like protein bars, kale chips, or homemade baked goods. Eating these will help you maintain a balanced blood sugar level and curb your appetite so you don’t overeat later.

Some common types of such snacks are chickpeas, salted almonds, boiled eggs, pumpkin seeds, granola bars at home, celery and carrot sticks. These snacks work well for those who want to maintain a healthy diet or lose weight without sacrificing taste!