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Mehndi is an integral and vital part of the Indian culture. Its origin can be traced back to Bollywood songs, folklore, or even our own language. It’s always been there for us through all of life’s achievements and failures alike– such a beauty it shows! The history of Mehndi goes back as far as when people would use crushed henna leaves to color their skin in brown so that they could create tattoos; a way for them to express themselves.

This trend gradually became popular during the Mughal dynasty, who gave Mehndi even more precedence than before. Intricately detailed designs that reflected our natural surroundings and the traditional customs of India were much in demand at the time. In fact, it’s impossible to think about an Indian wedding – irrespective of religion or caste – without seeing both bride and groom adorning themselves with vibrant Mehndi. It has been said that the darker your mehndi, the happier you are going to be!

So, when this tradition carries so much potential for Mehndi- It only makes sense to categorize its discussion in detail. Within here, you can find a wide variety of articles detailing different types of Mehndi designs specifically tailored towards Women, Men, and Kids. From simplistic palm Mehndi up to elaborate bridals Mehndi – circular mehndi- Arabic mehndi- Indian mehndi- Festive Mehndi- Front and back hand mehndis- Leg Mehendis- Foot Mehendis- Full Arm Mehendis etc.- there are thousands of images with helpful details waiting to motivate you!