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Welcome to Bhajan Lyrics, the ultimate destination for fans of devotional music. Our is dedicated to providing the lyrics and meanings of Bhajans, devotional songs that are an integral part of Hindu spirituality and culture.

Bhajans have a rich history and are an expression of devotion and love for the divine. They are often sung in temples, during spiritual gatherings, and even in homes as a form of worship and meditation. Our website is designed to help you experience the beauty and power of Bhajans, by providing the lyrics and meanings of these timeless songs.

At Bhajan Lyrics, you will find a vast collection of Bhajans, covering a wide range of themes and styles. Whether you are looking for traditional classical Bhajans or modern devotional songs, we have you covered. We also offer audio recordings of the Bhajans, so you can listen to the songs and sing along with the lyrics.

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