No birthday is perfect without a cake, and today there is a trend of baking cakes at home for all special occasions. You need not be a culinary expert to be able to bake a perfect cake. All it takes it knowing the techniques. Baking a cake at home is more appreciated than buying a cake because it has a personal touch. There are so many fail proof-recipes available online that help a novice or a first-timer, bake a cake. There are pressure cooker cake recipes that help you quickly bake cakes even if you do not have an oven at home.

There are countless varieties of cake recipes available such as cream cakes, cupcakes, plum cakes, ginger cake, banana cake, carrot cake, etc. Some cakes do not use eggs, and some cakes can be made without butter.

For those of you who thought that icing cakes could be only store-bought, well, there are easy frosting and icing recipes too. Get ready with some creative baking that will bring a smile on the faces of your loved ones!