Bsnl Caller Tunes Number (Song List, Toll-free)

BSNL Caller Tunes Number – With BSNL being famous for its user-friendly service, they offer many services to fit the needs of all types of people. One such service that they offer is called Caller Tunes, which you can use and activate by using the proper number for your area code. You can change or deactivate this as needed at any time.

There are also various caller tunes available in different languages such as Tamil, Malayalam, Punjabi, Hindi, and English. Setting one of these tunes can be done through the app as well, or unsubscribe at any time you want to do so.

So, if you’re looking for a way to get in touch with your loved ones more often without being too pushy about it, then setting their favorite songs as an automatic ringtone could be the answer.

How to Set Activate BSNL Caller Tunes – Online Recommended

  1. First, you can visit this website to start, please visit this webpage
  2. Then you will find lots of songs and it will be easy for you to pick out your favorite one.
  3. Next, make sure you click on the Set Tune Option button.
  4. Now type in your mobile phone number and you will receive a password. You will then receive an SMS message with a link to the password which you can click on to activate your account
  5. And you are done.

How to Set BSNL Caller Tune by Code

Dial *567You can also use the USSD code to hear your favorite BSNL tunes. 

Activate caller tune through SMS

Send a text message (SMS) beginning with the letters BT to 56700 to set your caller tune.

BT stands for British Telecom.

BSNL Caller Tunes List

BSNL Caller Tunes How to set caller tune on BSNL
 To set your favorite song as BSNL Caller tunes by SMS Send an SMS BT ACT to 56700
 To set your favorite song as BSNL Caller tunes by call Just dial 56700
 By recording your favorite song and use as BSNL Caller tunesSend an SMS search <songname> to 56799
 Choose your favorite song by BSNL ussd codeSend an SMS BT ACT <songcode> to 56700

How to Deactivate BSNL Caller Tune

BSNL Caller Tunes How to deactivate caller tune in BSNL
 For how to deactivate caller tune in BSNL by SMS Just send an SMS BT DACT to 56700
 For how to deactivate caller tune in BSNL by call –
 For how to deactivate caller tune in BSNL by BSNL ussd code –

BSNL Caller Tunes Charges

  • Calling 56700 costs Rs. 2 per minute.
  • The subscription per month is $3.6 USD
  • For three months of service, there is a fee of Rs. 15

You can share this with your friends so they can play your favorite song.

BSNL Caller Tunes Number (FAQ):

How to activate BSNL free caller tune?

You can dial 56700 to reach this number through an automated system.
This number can be sent as an SMS.
When you copy a song from someone else’s BSNL mobile number
Activating my BSNL mobile application
Activating through the BSNL Tune Web Portal

How can I set caller tune in BSNL?

To activate my new BSNL mobile application

How can unsubscribe BSNL caller tune?

In order to delete the BSNL caller tune on your number, you can call 56700 using your BSNL phone number. You may also send a text message of UNSUB to 56700 or 56799 if you want to remove the BSNL caller tune from your phone.

What is the BSNL caller tune number?

One can call on 56700 (Toll-Free) and choose a song for the type of music they prefer. Dial *567


As one of the oldest and largest telecommunications companies in India, Bharat San char Nigam Limited (BSNL) is a state-owned company. One of its most popular features is its own ring-back tones, which can be activated or deactivated depending on preferenceI hope you’re doing well! As a small favor, could you please share this post about how to use your BSNL phone number for caller tunes? It’ll only take one minute of your time, but we would really appreciate it!

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