The Boys Season 2 Release Date? 2022

The Boys Season 2 Release Date? 2022

Will there be a new season of The Boys? The Boys Season 1 Synopsis – What happened in the first episode of The Boys?

❱ Other Name: ❱ The Boys Season 2
❱ Genre: ❱ Action, Comedy, Crime 
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The Boys Season 2 Release Date?

Amazon aired The Boys in the summer of 2019. This superhero TV series was written by Evan Youngs who also plays Hughie while Eric Kripke, another creator known for Supernatural and Timeless writes it. To date, this series has become one of Prime Video’s biggest hits garnering an enormous viewership with its lighthearted take on superheroes. In addition, after just three months since its debut, it turned out to be a major blockbuster all over the world too – enough so that there is already much anticipation for Season 2.

The cost of Amazon Prime Video in this country has been set at 3 euros for six months and 6 euros thereafter. In addition, there is also Twitch Prime membership which comes with being a member of Prime Video.

The Boys Season 2

One of the best TV shows we’ve seen in 2019, The Boys is returning for its second season this September. According to an official statement from Amazon, it’ll air on Sept 4th.

The first three episodes will air on September 4, the rest will be released weekly. Amazon decided to see it through a slightly different streaming process for this season’s release. The first 3 episodes of Season 2 are due out on September 4th while the remaining 7 (out of 8) will drop every week until they all come out on October 9th. Even though it consists of 8 episodes, Season 2 of The Boys is expected to finish its run by October 9th with its last episode dropping this Friday!

The Boys Season 2 News

In the upcoming second season of this television show, ‘The Boys’ team will fight against other superheroes. For example, Aya Cash from ‘You’re the Worst’ has joined the cast as Stormfront, which is the second strongest superhero in comic books behind Homelander (the number one hero).

Today Amazon released a short clip showing Aya Storm’s new character, Stormfront. Homelander appears to disapprove of her decision to join the group of Seven.

The Boys Season 2

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