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Age Declaration Form PDF – Voter ID Card Form 6

An Age Declaration Form PDF is necessary for the completion of Voter ID Card Form 6. This article will provide the download link for the same and also guide you on how to properly fill it out in order to submit a successful voter application.

After reading this article, you should be equipped with the necessary information concerning the form. Here are the specifics.

Form NameAnnexure – III (Age Declaration)
Form FormatPDF
File Size40 KB
Accept forVoter Enrollment (NVSP)

Age Declaration Form PDF for Voter ID Card Form 6

If you are searching for an Age Declaration Form in PDF format, you can obtain it from this site. Before downloading it, however, let me clarify why this form is needed and where it should be utilized.

If you are of legal voting age, you must complete Form 6 to register your name in the electoral list and receive a voter ID card. This requirement is exclusive to individuals wishing to be enrolled; further information on this can be found below.

All individuals aged eighteen or over are required to register their name in the voter list. If you are late in signing up, you will need to fill out an age declaration form to attest to your age.

What to fill in the age declaration form?

The Age Declaration Form is a straightforward document that requires the completion of only a few entries; I will go over these items in greater detail below.

Age Declaration Form

In order to complete the form, certain information must be supplied and it must be declared that one’s name is not found anywhere on India’s Electoral Photo Identity Card (EPIC).

  • Need to fill in your name.
  • Your Father or Husband’s name.
  • Addresses.
  • And about the legislative assembly constituency.
  • Signature of the applicant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Annexure III Age Declaration Form required?

That form is required for enrolling a new name in the EPIC of a person who is above 21 years of age.

The age declaration form is same for all states of India?

Yes, that form is required from the national level portal, so that form is the same for all states of India.

What is Annexure III Form?

Annexure iii Form is an age declaration form that is required for fresh new name enrollment in EPIC.

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